Opening a gym is about targeting and convincing fitness minded people that your gym is the best place for them to achieve their fitness goals. Increasingly, we are seeing more and more people becoming health conscious, wanting to improve their health and body through exercise. Gyms are a great way for people to achieve these goals, offering a wide selection of equipment to train on and exercise classes, whilst also providing a relaxed and sociable environment in which to train in.
The gym industry has grown as more people now focus on their health and wellbeing. More people now buy gym equipment that they want to use for themselves at home and due to rising customer demand; it is important to know the top tips for buying commercial gym equipment.
Buying gym equipment can be a daunting task as there are a lot of options available on the market. Remember that quality, alongside price are key factors when making your choice. It is important that you do your research before you buy gym equipment. Cheap isn’t always the best, and likewise, neither is the most expensive. Make sure you find the right equipment to suit the needs of your customers and your gym. Look around and compares prices, quality, lead time and installation / delivery, these are all key when setting up your gym and installing equipment.

For a commercial gym you have to focus on versatile gym equipment that will help people get into shape. You have to make sure that the equipment in your gym is fit for commercial use. Factors to look at before buying commercial gym equipment are:
● Know more about gym equipment: It is important to know about the different types of fitness equipment available on the market and how to use them. By researching the products effectively, you will have a better understanding of what is right for your gym and the needs of your customers. Cardio machines will include machines such as treadmills, upright bikes, steppers, cross-trainers, rowing machines, whilst Strength machines will include products such as dumbbells, leg press, barbells, shoulder press, to name but a few.
● Available space:

Make sure you have the suitable space available in your gym to fit the equipment you need. Ensure it fits neatly and easily with enough space to not overcrowd your gym.
Make sure the layout of your gym is appealing to your customers and you create a relaxed and sociable environment for your clients to train in. Think about the entrance, different areas within the gym, free weights, cardio, stretching area, toilets and other facilities you may wish to offer.
● Budget: Whilst financial constraints play a part in your equipment choice, there will also be the option to finance / lease your equipment so make sure you look into all possible ways to purchase the equipment you need. Set in mind a budget to work within and look out for any offers or deals the companies may have. Be prepared to ask what the best price is and negotiate. Make sure you think about your budget and what funds you have available before setting up your gym.
● Warranties and maintenance:

It is important you ask about gym equipment warranties and any maintenance offers before you buy gym equipment. Your gym equipment should be of commercial grade, durable and withstand continuous usage.
You should also ask about the cost of maintaining your gym equipment and the repairs it will require. You should also know if the manufacturers of your gym equipment provide technicians in case there is a fault and if replaceable parts are available on the market.
Regular servicing of your gym equipment will increase its longevity and reduce the number of breakdowns. Most companies will offer a servicing package, ask about what costs are involved before buying.
● Go for quality: It is advisable to look for quality commercial gym equipment to avoid any issues with your equipment. The better quality/higher spec the more likely your equipment will serve its purpose and your customers will want to come in over and over again to train!
Buying low quality gym equipment could damage the reputation of your gym. It is important to choose high quality equipment which is durable and reliable. Do your research on the various companies selling equipment before buying or ask for recommendations or testimonials from other customers.
Go for something that will last, it is better to spend a little more in the short-term, than to keep spending out in the future. Quality, reliability and durability are key factors to consider.
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