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Gymwarehouse Gym Racks. To keep your gym shipshape make sure you have enough storage. Loose weights not only look unsightly but can cause a hazard in the gym and make it harder to locate the training weight you require. Our selection of robust plate trees, modular dumbbell racks and barbell racks will help keep everything where it should be. We also have comprehensive handle, kettlebell and studio DB storage options. Our Olympic plate storage trees are small and compact but still offer the ability to store a wide selection anf large number of weights in a very efficient manner. The construction is similar to our machines and the style and metal section match. Designed to accepted the 2″ olympic style plates these are a must in the modern gym. For Barbells we have several options to hold fixed Barbells in a vertical configuration to minimise the footprint required. Also the bars will be well presented for use to the gym member making them easy to locate and handle. Again, design is to match our gym machines and these will not look out of place. We stock a two tier kettlebell rack which will not only keep your gym tidy but also keep the bells off the floor, easy to locate and convenient to use/access. We have dumbbell racks for studio dumbbells and for gym dumbbells. Again very heavy duty and convenient. The Triple leg DB racks may be joined together into one long rack for maximum space utilisation and effect. We also offer gym racks for your cable accessories. Ideally situated next to your crossover, DAP, Lat or Row this will give members direct access to all the cable accessories for the machines. Do not let your members throw them on the floor by providing them with this great gym storage solution.

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