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View our selection of gym weights. We stock cast plates, Rubber Coated Plates, Bumper plates and Urethane Coated plates. We also keep in a large selection of different Dumbbells for gym and studio use. Additionally we keep in Bars and accessories for use with Olympic and Standard weights along with Storage Racks. All Body Building gyms will have a selection of free weights available – no gym is complete without a free weights area. Unlike resistance machines, free weights do not constrain users to specific, fixed movements but offer the user a greater range of motion, requiring more intense effort by the user. Weight training is a popular type of strength training providing many benefits to the user. Our selection of free weights range from dumbbells, barbells, rubber plates, cast iron plates to kettlebells along with all the accessories required for strength training. Gymwarehouse have a selection of Dumbbells for a variety of purposes. We can supply Gym dumbbells, modular dumbbells, dumbbell kits, (for self assembly) or Studio Dumbbells. Finishes vary from Rubber, cast, neoprene or Urethane. Our weight training dumbbells are an essential item in the modern commercial gym environment. Barbells are great for weight training and compound exercise for lean mass growth. Our Fixed weight Gym barbells allow users to change weight/resistance without the hassle of loading the bars. Our fixed weight gym barbells come in Steel, Urethane or Rubber Finish. Gymwarehouse selection of Individual Gym Kettlebells and  Kettlebell Sets. The range of Heavy Duty Kettlebells will be great for your functional training development and a single kettlebell can provide a great all round workout. Alternatively fit your gym out with a complete set of these commercial grade bells to give your gym members a huge variety of workout options at a minimal cost. Kettlebell racks also available. Gym Use Olympic + Standard Plate Weight. Our plate weights come in Standard or Olympic sizes and a selection of finishes. Whether you require old skool cast, Solid rubber for powerlifting or coated for aesthetics and to protect your gym environment then Gymwarehouse has a weight plate for you. Olympic Sized Bars and Weights have been the mainstay of most commercial gyms for a number of years. The Olympic sized bars are generally preferred over the smaller standard size bars and are usually quicker and easier to load. Additionally, most plate loaded machines are now fitted with 2″ spigots so require to be loaded with Olympic plates. We also stock and supply the standard size bars for those customers using this size.

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