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This category is for cardio / miscellaneous machines which do not fall into the mainstream cardio training categories. These predominantly include Rowers and Steppers but others will be added as and when they become available. We have also included vibration plates in this group. As always, all the machines listed here are professional grade and ideal for use in a demanding environment. Steppers and vibration plates are also available. The Stepper offers an effective lower body workout and it is important to maintain a good posture when exercising on the Stepper. Some users appreciate steppers due to the natural ‘pacing’ mechanism. Depending on the mode of operation the stepper will dictate the pace the user has to train, (much like a treadmill). Most other cardio training apparatus relies on the user to determine their pace while the machine simply varies and controls the resistance. Vibration plates work by using vibrations to stimulate the body’s muscles to contract and relax.  Gymwarehouse also sell Waterrower indoor rowing machines which are an excellent all round exercise and great training for the sport. As the name suggests the Waterrowers employ water to generate resistance which produces a natural feel, (and sound). The Waterrowers are available in various finishes, both metal and wood. The Wood finish are very popular for users who wish to have a commercial grade machine in their house as the finish is very aesthetic. Some users even choose the finish to match the decor of the furniture in their house. Additionally the Waterrowers have the ability to be stored on their end to require minimal footprint when not in use. Both the stepper and the rowers effectively train the heart and lungs while utilising large muscle groups in the body. Each of these machines are good for improving overall fitness and for burning calories.

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