Commercial Gym Installations

Commercial Gym Installations

Commercial Gym Installations

Specialising in installing Gym Equipment

Let’s face it, the prospect of building all the machines for your gym may be a scary thought to some.  Luckily Gymwarehouse can take care of this for you.  Unlike many suppliers in the UK who are simply drop shippers or retailers, Gymwarehouse DO have knowledge of their equipment.  We have been building up, assembling and commissioning machines for years and many of our staff have previous experience in the industry.

Gymwarehouse specialise in Gym Equipment supplied from stock at discount prices to commercial gyms and professionals alike.  Because of this we have experience in the installation process.  This can be as simple as insertion of a single preassembled machine to a 2 week long on site commissioning/install process.  Also, Commercial installs can be undertake overseas, if this is required please contact us and we can discuss the best options.

Our installation team are experienced and proficient in the delivery, installation and commissioning of a variety of Pro Gym equipment. We have much experience in fast efficient fitting and offer a high quality service. Some customers may wish us to undertake the install of a single treadmill while others may be more than happy to build a full 80 piece gym package themselves.  Either way, we will work with you for the best solution; we are here to offer our assistance. For your full ‘turnkey’ Gym installation, please contact us for details and a quotation.

Some machines/items can be more complicated to set up.  If calibration or software modifications are required we recommend this is only undertaken by our trained staff.  They have all the necessary skills and experience to undertake these tasks which can be more complicated than just basic assembly.

Special Requirements, please contact us if you have a special install/delivery requirement.  Previously we have had very narrow time constraints for gyms being fitted to a ship which is only in port for a few days.

Occasionally customers wish to install a complete gym themselves.  This is possible if they have experience and skill in this field.  If they wish to do so we can quote a supply only delivery price.  Technical support will be available via phone but further on site work by us will be chargeable.

The commercial installation team can also undertake a service plan for you gym.  Especially if the equipment is supplied by Gymwarehouse we recommend that we undertake an annual/bi-annual service of the equipment.  Alternatively, if you are moving venue our team have the necessary vehicles, tools, heavy lifting equipment and skills to help with this task.

N.B. due to the large heavy nature of these machines some marking may occur during transit. We can provide touch up paints if requested. We constantly strive to improve on existing design/manufacturing process so product supplied may vary slightly from image.

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