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Professional Use Cross Trainers. Whether you prefer front drive or rear drive Crosstrainers we have an option for you. We have various options including our budget GTC gym machines through to the top executive level EXE E600. We also offer a variable step geometry Cross tainer with a very small footprint should you so desire. Virtually all modern gyms have Cross Trainers available for their clients being a popular exercise for users, (especially female members). The Cross Trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking or running without putting excessive pressure on the joints, offering the user a low impact aerobic workout. Whereas a treadmill will have an impact on the users joints as the foot strikes the belt a Cross trainer has a different mechanism. Generally the foot runs in an elliptical path meaning there is no sudden impact as the foot strikes the ground. As with all cardio machines, the Cross Trainer will allow users to exercise their lungs and heart in a suitable and easily accessible environment. Benefits of cardiovascular training are similar for all cardio machines. These include: Increased General Fitness, Weight Reduction, reduction in stress levels, overall general health, higher bone density and others.  The Crosstrainer has not been available to users as long as for example the Treadmill. However, with recent training trends it is now almost as popular. If unsure on your preference of style of Crosstrainer please feel free to call or email us so we may discuss. We can most likely direct you to a gym with a Crosstrainer you can use/test and have some on show in our warehouse showroom too. Each and every machine will have its own ‘feel’ and users generally have a preference, (this depends on stride vs height and also leverage angles).

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