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Gym Strength Spares. Gymwarehouse keep in stock a variety of gym strength spare parts for our strength machines. We have years of experience in maintaining and servicing gyms and as such have a degree of understanding of the components likely to need replacing as part of a preventative maintenance regime. Some parts that are classed as consumables we will keep in stock can be dispatched direct to gyms, next day if required. Alternatively, we can supply and fit as part of a full gym service should you prefer. These include cables, cable connectors, Bearings, Seat Pads, Slides. We also have parts for machine weight plate upgraded like extended weight pins and additional weight plates for selectorised / pin selected machines. Other commonly requested items are gym equipment pulleys, selector pins, rubber feet, cable ball ends and gym cable terminations. Occasionally gyms will have older machines with redundant/obsolete components. If this is a mechanical part then we can usually source or repair/re-manufacture the original component as required, (we may require the original component sent to our workshops). Alternatively, on occasions, we have custom built replacement parts from scratch if the original component is not available. If you are unsure of servicing requirements we can undertake a complete gym service and put forward recommendations for repair, maintenance and/or replacement.  We can also put together a gym maintenance schedule to help gym owners keep on top of their own maintenance and hence minimize breakdowns and/or call outs.  As part of this we can also generate an essential spares list to keeps stocked spares to a minimum while also reducing the down time experienced by a gym. Generally we like to keep gym strength spares on the shelf if we believe the item is likely to need replacing within the first few years of a strength machines use.

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