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Gym Recline Bikes or Recumbent bikes offer a comfortable alternative to the traditional upright bike. The machines do not occupy a large area and are a useful and relatively inexpensive addition to your cardio training suite. We would recommend having a similar number of recline and upright bikes in your gym. Like the upright bike, the recline also offers low impact cardio training which will reduce pressure on joints such as knees and hips. Some users consider the recline bike to exercise the glute muscles more than using an upright bike with less emphasis on the quads. Many will have a preference but some consider the recline bike when not looking for high intensity training.  All our recline bikes are self generating and with their sat back design they lend themselves to low intensity cardio exercise if this is to your taste. Being self generating they can be easily added to areas of your gym without the need for retrofitting power supplies or running unsightly cables. We have found this form of exercise can be preferred by older users and can also lend itself to multitasking, (some uses can read or even work while exercising if determined enough). Most gyms should equip themselves with a few of this style of machine, (when searching our site the Recline Bikes are also known as Recumbent bikes). Our products include the GTC 600 Commercial Gym Recline Bike, the GTC/Impulse 500 Recline Bike and the R650 Full Com Easy Access Recline Bike. The Easy access bike has the advantage that the machine has a step through design. In this manner a user with restricted leg mobility/flexibility will find it easier to mount/sit astride the machine. Recently we have also been able to add Cybex machines to the range but these will be to special order only as we do not keep them in stock.

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