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Gymwarehouse Gym Boxing Equipment. Whether you have pro or amateur boxers training at your fitness centre, most modern training establishments now recognise the need for a punch bag area in their gym. The use of a heavy bag or speedball offers an excellent cardio workout and on a pure cost basis is one of the cheapest bits of kit you can put in your gym for cardiovascular training. Furthermore most keen boxers will use a bag to further develop their punching technique, skill and power/impact. Bags and speedballs are popular with many users who are not boxers and what’s more it occupies minimum floor space. The same equipment is also ideal for martial arts practitioners and those into their self defence. Many gyms now offer boxercise classes so an increasing number of members have some interest in boxing. With this in mind an increased number of gym users will be expecting the opportunity to undertake some bag work as part of their training programme. Users can maintain interest for a prolonged period by using speedballs and punchbags, (one of the key reasons why many members quit training after a short period). We supply the commercial bags from Adidas to the gyms we fit. Our bags can be used for boxing and many other striking techniques employed by martial arts exponents, (i.e. kicking, elbow strikes.. etc). We also have a selection of gloves, training mitts and speedballs. You will also need a wall bracket for your punch or Kick bag. We keep these in stock along with heavy duty wall mounting fasteners, it’s all here! Our range of gym boxing equipment include the Adidas 4FT Kick/Punch Bag, Adidas 6FT Kick/Punch Bag, Adidas Fitness Kick/Punch FAT Bag, Boxing Gym Training Rig, Boxing / Bag Mitts, Floor to Ceiling Speed Ball and the Punch Bag Bracket.

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