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We are regularly approached by schools, universities or LEA, (Local Education Authorities) requesting quotes on fitness machines suitable for use as school gym equipment. As such we have some experience in this field and given a requirement from our customers can produce a recommendation for their school gym equipment. This can be from a few accessories to compliment an existing school gymnasium right through to a complete new fitness suite containing cardio machines, resistance machines, free weights and a studio. We can provide a bespoke package of fitness equipment for your school and include a full turnkey package if required, (including removal of old equipment). Many trust schools, private schools, foundation schools, academies or free schools also like to use their gym as a supplementary form of income for the School. With this in mind we can produce a package which is not only suitable for children’s PE lessons and to aid training for competitive sport but is also suitable for after hours use by paying adults. In the past we have also been asked to supply bespoke or modified machines and racks for school use, (for example with locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorised usage). We can also modify machine sizes and resistance settings in our own workshops if required, (we can reduce maximum loading on machines if customers are concerned about over exertion). We also recognise the ever tightening budgets on the educational sector and have therefore selected a range of high value, low cost fitness machines which will be suitable for school use. Please browse this section for the most popular/recommended machines for this sector. We have selected suitable examples of machines that can be operated by the younger user and that will compliment each other to provide a complete gym in your school. Email us for a quote on your school fitness equipment.

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