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Single Strength Training Stations. Our Gym stations lend themselves perfectly for free weights use and bodybuilding. Our Commercial range include smith machines and Power Racks, all commercial quality and designed for arduous gym use. Construction is generally from 100mm x 50mm or 80mm x 40mm steel section welded frames. The strength range compliment our plate loaded and selectorised resistance machine ranges. Our product range includes the Abench Classic, Back Extension, Chin/Dip/Leg Raise Station, Decline Roman Chair, Glue Ham Raise GHR, Latest HD Smith Machine, Multi Purpose Bench / Rack System, Power Cage, Seated Preacher Curl, Smith Machine, Squat Rack, Standing Preacher Curl, Tri Grip Chinning / Pull Up Bar and the Vertical Knees Up / Dip. For those users who prefer to use free weights or who are training specifically for bodybuilding, the gym Stations are the perfect choice.

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