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Gym Exercise Bikes (Upright Cardio Bikes and Indoor training Bikes). We offer a selection of upright bikes and indoor training bikes for the modern gym. The indoor bikes work off a direct drive spin flywheel (there is no free wheel) and as such can offer a very high intensity workout for those requiring a demanding workout. This can be a great training aid for keen cyclists allowing them to develop exceptional endurance and cardio fitness levels while in a gym. Professional cyclists will often be seen training on this type of machine due to the controlled resistance that can lend itself to great gains in fitness. We suggest that all gyms equip their cardio areas with upright exercise bikes + Indoor bikes and if they do not indoor bike classes then they should give users the opportunity to training on an indoor cycle in the main gym area or studio. The Upright Bikes as opposed to indoor bikes will have a freewheel mechanism and are generally not used for such high intensity training. They differ from the Recline Bikes with their positioning, allowing the user a similar workout to that of riding a bicycle but in a stationary position. The Upright Bike allows the user to replicate riding a bicycle choosing to cycle standing up or sitting down. In our opinion the Upright Bike tends to be slightly more popular choice over the Recline Bike. However, both offer an effective aerobic workout with the Upright Bike offering both a lower and to an extent an upper body isometric workout. The Recline Bike offers a more comfortable workout for those with any back conditions or conditions that require less stress to be placed on the body. The Upright Bikes, as with all other cardio machines are good for improving overall fitness and for burning calories. Gymwarehouse has a selection of these Upright Cardio Bikes kept in stock available for immediate dispatch.

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