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If you are short on space but still want to offer professional grade equipment to your clients then the Gymwarehouse Range of Dual Purpose Gym Machines may suit you. We have a variety of Dual or Multi Use Machines / Stations. The Dual Purpose machines are of similar construction to our stock range of machines and occupy a comparable footprint. However, the dual purpose machines each have 2 modes of operation meaning the exercise performed can be doubled, ideal in a smaller gym environment or where large volumes of users are not anticipated. Although these machines are slightly more expensive than our single stations, only half the equipment is required to perform a selection of gym exercises so in all there is a significant cost saving over buying individual dedicated machines, (of course less users can be accommodated at any one time). The Range borrows much of its functionality from our stock range of machines, with similar actions. However, through some clever engineering a quick adjustment will transform the machine for an alternative exercise. In all there are 10 x selectorised dual purpose gym machines in the range which are complimented by two dual purpose plate loaders and the multigym. All machines use similar heavy duty cables,weights,mechanisms and steel box section to the ‘Stock’ range. Range also features gas strut assist where applicable and easy adjust mechanisms. Finish is in powdercoat, Deep Red Pads on Silver Frames are kept in stock, other colours to special order. To compliment the plate loaders Gymwarehouse also stocks 2 plate loading machines with 2 operations, the ultra versatile bench rack system and a multi person multi gym. This is effectively 3 dual purpose machines rolled into one. Offering the ultimate in commercial Gym training in and very small and cost effective package.

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