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Gymwarehouse Gym Maintenance Videos.

Many of the common tasks required to maintain your gym equipment can be straightforward and undertaken by gym staff without intricate knowledge of the workings of fitness machines.  On site servicing can be costly to the small gym and with this in mind we have produced some videos to help gyms with some of the common servicing tasks required in a modern gym.  Where possible we have tried to show the adjustment/service on a Gymwarehouse supplied machine so it is easy for customers to identify with and complete their own maintenance.  The most common issues that we are asked about ifs that of treadmill set up.  While not difficult, the inexperienced gym owner may come across a problem with a machine that they are not familiar with which can be rectified easily with some basic tools.  Hopefully these videos will allow gyms to undertake the most basic tasks without the need for a service engineer to attend and receiving a hefty bill.  Typical tasks that we are asked about include how to tension treadmill belts correctly, how to align treadmill belts, how to adjust tracking on a treadmill belt, how to lubricate treadmill belts and how to address a treadmill that is squeaking.  All of these are addressed in this section and performed on our most popular machine the GTC Titan commercial treadmill.  We have also included a short video showing how to make up your own replacement cables for your Gymwarehouse strength machines using our DIY gym cable terminations.  The advantage of the Gymwarehouse DIY  cable system is that once you have the screw connector cable terminations cables may be replaced repeatedly with minimum outlay. Please view these gym maintenance videos and if you have suggestions for further videos which you believe would be beneficial then contact us and we will do our best to oblige.

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