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With an ever increasing number of our customers taking a commendable approach to reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the environment we have listed here some of the eco gym machines / equipment we believe to have a reduced impact on the environment. We include some zero consumption gym cardio machines which after manufacture will not lead to further Greenhouse gas emissions. Some of these machines use self generating technology to eliminate the requirement for power supply when in use. The Range includes our gym rowers made from sustainable hardwood where forests are managed so growth exceeds removal by 229%. We also include strength equipment which has reduced environmental impact due their multi purpose functionality. Of course these commercial strength gym machines do not require power supply and by offering multi functionality fewer machines are required to perform the same exercises resulting in reduced drain on resource. We also include some weight options which have do not utilise on organic or fossil fuel coatings/covering. These in themselves have extended life as the omission of soft coatings renders them more durable and at end of a long life the simple metallic construction makes recycling a far more simple, cost effective and efficient task. Our next goal is to add to renewable power supply by offering eco gym machines with net positive electricity supply to grid. So making some small decision changes to the equipment for your gym can in a small way have environmental benefits to help tackle climate change and help offset global warming. Be part of the Green Gym.

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