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Gymwarehouse have a selection of Dumbbells for a variety of purposes. We can supply Gym, modular , kits, (for self assembly) or Studio Dumbbells. Finishes vary from Rubber, cast, neoprene or Urethane. Our weight training hand weights are an essential item in the modern commercial gym environment – no gym is complete without a set. We can build a set to meet your requirements, whether its a 5pr set for a studio gym or an extensive 50pr set ranging to over 100Kg. The material selection for dumbbells is very important and really depends on your requirements and budget. All steel dumbbells are built to order by ourselves and we have previously made to order over 260Kg pairs and in as low as 1Kg increments. The main advantage of all steel DB is they are durable and can be reworked if dropped or damaged. This has continued to make them popular with the old fashioned spit and sawdust style gyms. On the downside they will mark benches and racks in your gym. The ‘soft’ coated dumbbells have the advantage that they are more appealing and cause less marking in the gym. These are generally cast iron or steel heads covered in either rubber or Urethane.  However the coating will be damaged with misuse and cannot be repaired easily. If you have the available funds then we suggest you consider our Urethane DB for a good looking and durable option. Dumbbells can be used to perform a wide variety of different exercises. Our products include a variety of dumbbells along with the accessories required. We stock 2 Tier, 3 Leg, 10Pr Rack, ‘A’ Frame Rack together with many more types of dumbbell available to order.  Please call or email if you cannot find the weights you require, we can produce our own bespoke weights in our workshops if required.

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