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Product Range Details:

Gym Benches

Gymwarehouse have one of the UK’s largest stock of steel heavy duty weight training gym benches. We keep various Olympic, Adjustable and Flat along with other specialised benches, (i.e.preacher). Browse below or email if you have a specific requirement for a bespoke or modified requirement. Our Olympic Benches are available in Decline, Flat, Incline, Shoulder press or Military Press. We also have an Olympic adjustable bench. This is one of our most popular pieces of equipment. The Ultra Versatile Olympic system can be used as an adjustable Olympic Bench from a decline all the way through to a near vertical position. Additionally the bench can be removed easily and used as an adjustable dumbbell seat. With the bench removed the Rack can be used as a half Rack/Squat Rack. Our Dumbbell benches are available in many options. We have a basic flat bench which is very robust. Our Auto Adjustable option is an excellent choice for gyms requiring a budget entry level adjustable bench. The Super gym bench has a heavier build and more adjustment while the ‘Ultra’ can decline and offers many additional features for the user. We also stock dedicated adjustable decline gym benches and Roman chairs which have a fixed steep decline. Another dedicated option is our seated Dumbbell bench which is fixed in a seated position and excellent for dumbbell curls. We also stock a selection of abdominal exercise benches for abs training and fixed Bicep Benches/Stations. All of the products on this page are built from a mostly welded construction, (some bolting may be required to allow insertion into gym area). Steel section various depending on range but is generally from either 100mmx50mm or 80mm x50mm steel box. Pivots on Benches are bushed for durability and smooth action. The pads are heavy duty and easily changed when you wish to renew, we keep a small quantity of black pads in stock as spares. Most apparatus use pull pins or a ratchet mechanism for quick adjustment. The most common/popular colours are kept in stock and other colours are available to special order.

Dual Purpose Gym Machines

If you are short on space but still want to offer professional grade equipment to your clients then the Gymwarehouse Range of Dual Purpose Gym Machines may suit you. We have a variety of Dual or Multi Use Machines / Stations. The Dual Purpose machines are of similar construction to our stock range of machines and occupy a comparable footprint. However, the dual purpose machines each have 2 modes of operation meaning the exercise performed can be doubled, ideal in a smaller gym environment or where large volumes of users are not anticipated. Although these machines are slightly more expensive than our single stations, only half the equipment is required to perform a selection of gym exercises so in all there is a significant cost saving over buying individual dedicated machines, (of course less users can be accommodated at any one time). The Range borrows much of its functionality from our stock range of machines, with similar actions. However, through some clever engineering a quick adjustment will transform the machine for an alternative exercise. In all there are 10 x selectorised dual purpose gym machines in the range which are complimented by two dual purpose plate loaders and the multigym. All machines use similar heavy duty cables,weights,mechanisms and steel box section to the ‘Stock’ range. Range also features gas strut assist where applicable and easy adjust mechanisms. Finish is in powdercoat, Deep Red Pads on Silver Frames are kept in stock, other colours to special order. To compliment the plate loaders Gymwarehouse also stocks 2 plate loading machines with 2 operations, the ultra versatile bench rack system and a multi person multi gym. This is effectively 3 dual purpose machines rolled into one. Offering the ultimate in commercial Gym training in and very small and cost effective package.

Plate Loaded Gym Equipment

Plate Loaded Gym Equipment From Gymwarehouse – IDEAL FOR BODYBUILDING GYMS. Training couldn’t be simpler, just load your plates onto one of our machines and you are set. The gym machine range utilises and strong mechanical leverage system allowing the user to lift weights through a controlled ergonomic motion. Training is much safer than free weight training but with similar benefits. The added advantage of the plate loading system is the loading process serves both to warm up the user and provide a compound all body cardio workout in its own right. All of our plate loaded machines feature spigots sized for Olympic weight plates. All pivots run on ball bearing, (to this date we have never had to replace one). Construction is in steel section welded where required and bolt together on site to allow easy gym insertion. Generally seats feature gas strut assist adjustment. We keep the large range of strength machines in stock in Black pads on Silver Frame but we can also supply all machines in a colour of your choice to special order. Many on the plate loading range are ISO LATERAL independent design for localised muscle training. We have a huge selection of ISO LAT plate loading machines for the upper body and lower body. All are heavy duty and a perfect option for the bodybuilding gym where users are after the maximum strength gain in a safe training environment. Our ISO LATERAL PLATE LOADING GYM EQUIPMENT is one of our most popular ranges and is a must in modern strength conditioning and development. Additionally we have linear plate loaded gym equipment in the forms of leg press and hack squat available, (or a dual purpose Hack Squat/Leg Press). THESE MACHINES ARE GENERALLY HELD IN STOCK IN OUR GYMWAREHOUSE UK STORAGE – CALL/EMAIL FOR IMMEDIATE DISPATCH!!!

Pin Select Machines – Selectorised Machines

Pin select Gym Machines, otherwise known as pin adjust or selectorised. Our ‘Stock’ range, probably our most popular product. The Pin Resistance Selected Strength Machines are the backbone to the strength training in most modern gyms. Offering a simple and effective method of strength training with minimal knowledge requirement the Selectorised resistance machines remain as popular as ever. We have a large range of machines allowing for a complete body workout. From Chest Press to Leg Curl, all are heavy duty, robust and excellent value for money. The selectorised machines have the added advantage that they can employ cams over which cables run. This allows a resistance to vary throughout a motion matching the force that an individual can produce by the mechanics of the human body. The Stock range of resistance machines benefits from a 100mm x 50mm Steel box section construction, the covers are from pressed and folded steel. The weight slides are chrome plated solid steel and the weights themselves are Cast with Plastic low friction bushes. All pulley wheels are nylon construction which run on low friction bearings and cable is high tensile Nylon coated steel. Seats are durable Vinyl covered foam and generally have quick adjustment levers and gas strut assist. The Pin Select Gym Machines are generally available in Black pads on a White frame or Deep red pads on a silver frame. Other machines can be built to a colour of your choice but these will be on an extended lead time. The designs are similar to our plate loaded machines and gym stations so the ranges will compliment each other if used in the same gym. Of course, being a stock item you can add additional machines to your gym at any time and we can install, dispatch assembled or ship un-assembled for self build.

Commercial Gym Stations

Single Strength Training Stations. Our Gym stations lend themselves perfectly for free weights use and bodybuilding. Our Commercial range include smith machines and Power Racks, all commercial quality and designed for arduous gym use. Construction is generally from 100mm x 50mm or 80mm x 40mm steel section welded frames. The strength range compliment our plate loaded and selectorised resistance machine ranges. Our product range includes the Abench Classic, Back Extension, Chin/Dip/Leg Raise Station, Decline Roman Chair, Glue Ham Raise GHR, Latest HD Smith Machine, Multi Purpose Bench / Rack System, Power Cage, Seated Preacher Curl, Smith Machine, Squat Rack, Standing Preacher Curl, Tri Grip Chinning / Pull Up Bar and the Vertical Knees Up / Dip. For those users who prefer to use free weights or who are training specifically for bodybuilding, the gym Stations are the perfect choice.

Gym Weights Racks Plate Trees & Accessory Racks

Gymwarehouse Gym Racks. To keep your gym shipshape make sure you have enough storage. Loose weights not only look unsightly but can cause a hazard in the gym and make it harder to locate the training weight you require. Our selection of robust plate trees, modular dumbbell racks and barbell racks will help keep everything where it should be. We also have comprehensive handle, kettlebell and studio DB storage options. Our Olympic plate storage trees are small and compact but still offer the ability to store a wide selection anf large number of weights in a very efficient manner. The construction is similar to our machines and the style and metal section match. Designed to accepted the 2″ olympic style plates these are a must in the modern gym. For Barbells we have several options to hold fixed Barbells in a vertical configuration to minimise the footprint required. Also the bars will be well presented for use to the gym member making them easy to locate and handle. Again, design is to match our gym machines and these will not look out of place. We stock a two tier kettlebell rack which will not only keep your gym tidy but also keep the bells off the floor, easy to locate and convenient to use/access. We have dumbbell racks for studio dumbbells and for gym dumbbells. Again very heavy duty and convenient. The Triple leg DB racks may be joined together into one long rack for maximum space utilisation and effect. We also offer gym racks for your cable accessories. Ideally situated next to your crossover, DAP, Lat or Row this will give members direct access to all the cable accessories for the machines. Do not let your members throw them on the floor by providing them with this great gym storage solution.

Gym Training Rigs

Indoor Gym Training Rigs from Gymwarehouse. Here we have a small selection of the Rigs we can supply to your Gym. These are a few of the examples we can produce on a short lead time. All Rigs are heavy duty welded construction and have a powdercoat finish. We employ a laser cutting process so should you wish to incorporate a logo into the construction then this can be achieved. Also we can include your gym logo into your training rig target board or as sticker decal. We generally supply in two colours as standard but can increase to more should the customer wish. Additionally we can create a bespoke Rig for your training requirements and to fit the space you have. Recent enquiries have been boxing gym rigs, martial art cages incorporated into gym training rigs or extra wide rigs. Our drawings are developed on CAD for approval prior to cutting metal. In most cases we will require rigs to be bolted to the floor/walls. However , if this is a problem we can find alternative means to make your rig self contained and free standing. Please contact us if you wish us to design a custom built rig. Typical requirements may be: Ropes, Monkey Bars, Pull Up Bars, Climbing Bars, Target Boards, Dip Stations, Olympic Stations, Racks….. (anything you require). Drop us an email with the area you have and the function you wish to incorporate into the rig and we can work with you to produce a perfect gym solution for you. Available in colours of your choice and on a short lead time. If your time is short then you may also be pleased to hear that we can supply our rigs as a turnkey package, delivered, installed and commissioned by our engineers, (please supply access/location details with your inquiry).

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness is new to Gymwarehouse. Our range of outdoor training Apparatus/outdoor fitness Rigs are designed to allow you to take the gym outside. Offering similar functionality to the indoor options these ‘al fresco’ outdoor fitness rigs will give your clients something special for the summer months. For the UK environment we can supply in high resistant Paint finish, Galvanised or in Stainless Steel for the ultimate corrosion protection. Options below show some standard features but we can build these to your specification, if you have a particular requirement just get in touch and we will see how we can best meet this. Why not forward us a sketch with bars, balance bridge, ropes etc and we can prepare a proposal via Computer Aided Design. Shortly we will be adding to the collection with a range of ‘natural’ finish training systems utilising wood products. See below a small selection of Rigs, Custom Rig Enquiries welcome.

Olympic Bars and Accessories

Olympic Sized Bars and Weights have been the mainstay of most commercial gyms for a number of years. The Olympic sized bars are generally preferred over the smaller standard size bars and are usually quicker and easier to load.  Additionally, most plate loaded machines are now fitted with 2″ spigots so require to be loaded with Olympic plates. Olympic bars can vary in design and cost considerably so it is worth spending some time researching requirements. Most bars are supplied in a carbon steel but for very light load applications aluminium bars can be sourced. Do you require hi loading bars? Low Friction Bushes or Roller Bearings? What finish and knurling do you require? Above all, how much money are you willing to spend to obtain the best option for your gym or training studio? Each bar will vary based on these requirements so if unsure please call or email us and we will do our best to address your enquiry. We also stock and supply the standard size bars for those customers using this size. Strength Conditioning gyms will have a free weights area consisting of a variety of different bars. These will vary in design, function and length. Gymwarehouse stocks a wide range of Olympic bars. Our products include 5′ Olympic Pressing/Squatting Bar, 7′ Olympic Pressing/Squatting Bar, Commercial Olympic Tricep/Hammer Bar, Extra Large Diamond Shrug Bar, High Quality Olympic Powerlifting 7′ Bar, Olympic Bar Rack, Olympic EZ Super Curl Bar, Olympic Sized Lifting Chains 2 x 1.0m, Olympic Sized Lifting Chains 2 x 2.0m, Olympic Spring Collar/Clips, Olympic Star Fasteners/Spinlocks, Pro Chrome Plated Standard Bar, Pro Chrome Plated Standard Tricep/Hammer Bar, Pro Curl Standard Bar with Spring Collars, Pro EZ Olympic Curl Bar, Pro Olympic Dumbbell Handles (Pair), Pro Standard Clip, Pro Standard Dumbbell Curl Bars and Pro Style Olympic Collars. Please browse our free weights section to find out more.

Gym Dumbbells

Gymwarehouse have a selection of Dumbbells for a variety of purposes. We can supply Gym, modular , kits, (for self assembly) or Studio Dumbbells. Finishes vary from Rubber, cast, neoprene or Urethane. Our weight training hand weights are an essential item in the modern commercial gym environment – no gym is complete without a set. We can build a set to meet your requirements, whether its a 5pr set for a studio gym or an extensive 50pr set ranging to over 100Kg. The material selection for dumbbells is very important and really depends on your requirements and budget. All steel dumbbells are built to order by ourselves and we have previously made to order over 260Kg pairs and in as low as 1Kg increments. The main advantage of all steel DB is they are durable and can be reworked if dropped or damaged. This has continued to make them popular with the old fashioned spit and sawdust style gyms. On the downside they will mark benches and racks in your gym. The ‘soft’ coated dumbbells have the advantage that they are more appealing and cause less marking in the gym. These are generally cast iron or steel heads covered in either rubber or Urethane.  However the coating will be damaged with misuse and cannot be repaired easily. If you have the available funds then we suggest you consider our Urethane DB for a good looking and durable option. Dumbbells can be used to perform a wide variety of different exercises. Our products include a variety of dumbbells along with the accessories required. We stock 2 Tier, 3 Leg, 10Pr Rack, ‘A’ Frame Rack together with many more types of dumbbell available to order.  Please call or email if you cannot find the weights you require, we can produce our own bespoke weights in our workshops if required.

Fixed Barbells

Fixed Barbells make for convenient and rapid training in your gym, studio or for your home usage. Like most items required for your gym, Gymwarehouse holds stock of the most popular fixed gym barbells which we can send out for next day delivery if required. Rather than build the required weight bars up each and every time they are required a fixed barbell will have a set weight and be available instantly for the user. Like other free weights activity, using pre-determined barbells is great for weight training and compound exercise for lean mass growth. Some users also like to use fixed weight barbells for dynamic lifting such as deadlifts and clean and jerk. Our Fixed weight Gym fixed barbells allow users to change weight/resistance without the hassle of loading the bars. Typical exercises the bars will be used for will be bicep curls and pressing. The barbells typically are available with straight handles or EZ style handles for more convenient Biceps Curling. Our fixed weight gym barbells come in Steel, Urethane or Rubber Finish. To accommodate the barbells we also provide racks to suit. These are either single or double sided and are ideal for sets of Barbells from 10 – 55Kg.  The racks run vertically and require a small footprint only to accommodate the set. Alternatively we can also build a rack especially to suit your requirements.  If you require custom barbells then we can build bespoke barbells in our Workshops to your specification. In the past we have had interest in FAT GRIP bars, (i.e.2″) with fixed weights for competition use. We can also custom build similar, such as log bars or scaffold bars for very heavy lifting applications. For further information or a quote on your barbells please email us@ If you have further details on your application such as a sketch or drawing please send through to us via email (a sketch often helps).

Gym Grade Kettlebells

Gymwarehouse selection of Individual Gym Kettlebells and Kettlebell Sets. In recent years controlled dynamic exercising has become increasingly popular along with many forms of functional training. This has helped generate demand in gyms for kettlebells for both individual use and kettlebell classes. In the last few years virtually every gym we have fitted out has requested a selection of kettlebells for their users and in many cases multiple sets so they may run lucrative gym classes with minimal capital outlay. Our Heavy Duty Kettlebells will be great for your functional training development and a single kettlebell can provide a great all round workout. Alternatively fit your gym out with a complete set of these commercial grade bells to give your gym members a huge variety of workout options at a minimal cost. We have found the cast iron kettlebells still to be the most popular product and as we offer them in 2 Kg increments then there is a natural progression without large weight increases as users strength and skill levels increase. Our Polished Black Cast kettlebells are fitted with rubber bases to help prevent marking or damage to flooring whereas our classic styles grey hammer finish kettlebells are of all cast construction. Both styles have a one piece construction with no handle jointing for maximum strength. Additionally there are no coverings to peal and the bells can be refurbished if required simply by re-painting. Kettlebell racks are also available which are compact and 2 tier for maximum storage capacity in the minimum space. Products include Heavy Duty Bell Rack, Individual Black Cast Kettlebell with Base, Individual Hammer Grey Cast Kettlebell and Cast Iron Kettlebell Sets. We try to hold stock of these bells so gyms may add to their sets as and when user demand increases or class sizes get bigger.

Plate Weights / Weight Plates / Olympic Disc Weights

Gymwarehouse Plate Weights, (also referred to as barbells,weight discs and olympic plates). We have a large selection Gym Use Olympic + Standard Plate Weight. Our plate weights come in Standard or Olympic sizes and a selection of finishes.  The Olympic weights will have a 2 inch centre hole with varying styles of centre bezel.  The best option is the chamfered stainless bezel which is moulded into the weigh plate.  The range includes solid cast Olympic plates which are very durable and popular with spit and sawdust style gyms.

Cross Trainers

Professional Use Cross Trainers. Whether you prefer front drive or rear drive Crosstrainers we have an option for you. We have various options including our budget GTC gym machines through to the top executive level EXE E600. We also offer a variable step geometry Cross tainer with a very small footprint should you so desire. Virtually all modern gyms have Cross Trainers available for their clients being a popular exercise for users, (especially female members). The Cross Trainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking or running without putting excessive pressure on the joints, offering the user a low impact aerobic workout. Whereas a treadmill will have an impact on the users joints as the foot strikes the belt a Cross trainer has a different mechanism. Generally the foot runs in an elliptical path meaning there is no sudden impact as the foot strikes the ground. As with all cardio machines, the Cross Trainer will allow users to exercise their lungs and heart in a suitable and easily accessible environment. Benefits of cardiovascular training are similar for all cardio machines. These include: Increased General Fitness, Weight Reduction, reduction in stress levels, overall general health, higher bone density and others.  The Crosstrainer has not been available to users as long as for example the Treadmill. However, with recent training trends it is now almost as popular. If unsure on your preference of style of Crosstrainer please feel free to call or email us so we may discuss. We can most likely direct you to a gym with a Crosstrainer you can use/test and have some on show in our warehouse showroom too. Each and every machine will have its own ‘feel’ and users generally have a preference, (this depends on stride vs height and also leverage angles).

Recline Bikes

Gym Recline Bikes or Recumbent bikes offer a comfortable alternative to the traditional upright bike. The machines do not occupy a large area and are a useful and relatively inexpensive addition to your cardio training suite. We would recommend having a similar number of recline and upright bikes in your gym. Like the upright bike, the recline also offers low impact cardio training which will reduce pressure on joints such as knees and hips. Some users consider the recline bike to exercise the glute muscles more than using an upright bike with less emphasis on the quads. Many will have a preference but some consider the recline bike when not looking for high intensity training.  All our recline bikes are self generating and with their sat back design they lend themselves to low intensity cardio exercise if this is to your taste. Being self generating they can be easily added to areas of your gym without the need for retrofitting power supplies or running unsightly cables. We have found this form of exercise can be preferred by older users and can also lend itself to multitasking, (some uses can read or even work while exercising if determined enough). Most gyms should equip themselves with a few of this style of machine, (when searching our site the Recline Bikes are also known as Recumbent bikes). Our products include the GTC 600 Commercial Gym Recline Bike, the GTC/Impulse 500 Recline Bike and the R650 Full Com Easy Access Recline Bike. The Easy access bike has the advantage that the machine has a step through design. In this manner a user with restricted leg mobility/flexibility will find it easier to mount/sit astride the machine. Recently we have also been able to add Cybex machines to the range but these will be to special order only as we do not keep them in stock.

Running Machines / Treadmills

Commercial Gym Treadmills. Choose from our selection of Gym Grade Running Machines. The treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the gym and at home. Walking is well tolerated by most individuals regardless of fitness levels and for most back conditions so the treadmill offers a user friendly and efficient aerobic workout for heart and lungs. The heart is the most important muscle in the body and it needs to be exercised regularly. For the novice, treadmills are easy to use and put less stress on the body than many other types of workout. What’s more, all our professional use machines are AC drive and have power incline. Our treadmills offer a large running deck for a long stride/gate, (especially our GTC Titan Treadmill) while others provide a solution for gyms with minimal floor space. We also offer one of the fastest Treadmills in the world with our EXE T600 HST. All good modern gyms will have treadmills so make sure you select one of the best options available by consulting with Gymwarehouse. The primary purpose of these is to allow users to exercise their heart and lungs in a pleasant and safe environment. Benefits of training in this manner include: Increased Fitness, weight Loss, stress reduction, general health, increased bone density and many others. Runners obviously replicate the bodies natural walking or running motion. Most Running machines will allow the user to adjust speed and incline while other machines this will be speed and intensity/resistance. The treadmill allows the user to effectively train the heart and lungs while utilising large muscle groups in the body. Treadmills are good for improving overall fitness and for burning calories. Gymwarehouse has a selection of these commercial grade runners kept in stock. We can supply GTC range, (GYM TREADMILL COMPANY) machines and EXE treadmills and can also provide high end Cybex to order.

Gym Exercise Upright Bikes and Indoor Bikes

Gym Exercise Bikes (Upright Cardio Bikes and Indoor training Bikes). We offer a selection of upright bikes and indoor training bikes for the modern gym. The indoor bikes work off a direct drive spin flywheel (there is no free wheel) and as such can offer a very high intensity workout for those requiring a demanding workout. This can be a great training aid for keen cyclists allowing them to develop exceptional endurance and cardio fitness levels while in a gym. Professional cyclists will often be seen training on this type of machine due to the controlled resistance that can lend itself to great gains in fitness. We suggest that all gyms equip their cardio areas with upright exercise bikes + Indoor bikes and if they do not indoor bike classes then they should give users the opportunity to training on an indoor cycle in the main gym area or studio. The Upright Bikes as opposed to indoor bikes will have a freewheel mechanism and are generally not used for such high intensity training. They differ from the Recline Bikes with their positioning, allowing the user a similar workout to that of riding a bicycle but in a stationary position. The Upright Bike allows the user to replicate riding a bicycle choosing to cycle standing up or sitting down. In our opinion the Upright Bike tends to be slightly more popular choice over the Recline Bike. However, both offer an effective aerobic workout with the Upright Bike offering both a lower and to an extent an upper body isometric workout. The Recline Bike offers a more comfortable workout for those with any back conditions or conditions that require less stress to be placed on the body. The Upright Bikes, as with all other cardio machines are good for improving overall fitness and for burning calories. Gymwarehouse has a selection of these Upright Cardio Bikes kept in stock available for immediate dispatch.

Rowers – Vibration Plates – Steppers and Other Machines

This category is for cardio / miscellaneous machines which do not fall into the mainstream cardio training categories. These predominantly include Rowers and Steppers but others will be added as and when they become available. We have also included vibration plates in this group. As always, all the machines listed here are professional grade and ideal for use in a demanding environment. Steppers and vibration plates are also available. The Stepper offers an effective lower body workout and it is important to maintain a good posture when exercising on the Stepper. Some users appreciate steppers due to the natural ‘pacing’ mechanism. Depending on the mode of operation the stepper will dictate the pace the user has to train, (much like a treadmill). Most other cardio training apparatus relies on the user to determine their pace while the machine simply varies and controls the resistance. Vibration plates work by using vibrations to stimulate the body’s muscles to contract and relax.  Gymwarehouse also sell Waterrower indoor rowing machines which are an excellent all round exercise and great training for the sport. As the name suggests the Waterrowers employ water to generate resistance which produces a natural feel, (and sound). The Waterrowers are available in various finishes, both metal and wood. The Wood finish are very popular for users who wish to have a commercial grade machine in their house as the finish is very aesthetic. Some users even choose the finish to match the decor of the furniture in their house. Additionally the Waterrowers have the ability to be stored on their end to require minimal footprint when not in use. Both the stepper and the rowers effectively train the heart and lungs while utilising large muscle groups in the body. Each of these machines are good for improving overall fitness and for burning calories.

Gym Cardio Packages

Gym Cardio Packages for Commercial fitness environments. If you are unsure on which cardio machines to fit in your gym why not consider one of our Gym Cardio Packages. We have Small and Large packages of pre-selected cardio machines for your gym. One is sure to be suitable to your needs, (generally determined by budget and available space). Each package of fitness machines is heavily discounted and has a huge price saving on the RRP of the machines. What’s more, we can tailor a package to each customers individual needs and adjust type and quantity of Treadmills, CrossTrainers, Bikes and Rowers as deemed necessary. Most of our cardio bundles feature our range of GTC cardio fitness machines which are proving increasingly popular both in the UK and abroad. In particular our GTC Titan is a great all round low cost treadmill for gym use and has an extended long deck for the taller user. The GTC Zeus treadmill offers the same performance but is compact in size and is more suitable where space is of concern. The advantage of the GTC range is many of the machines use a generic display/control panel making for easy gym inductions and quick understanding of how to use the machines. The majority of the GTC range are also self generating so will minimise the required power consumption for your gym while making positioning easier as no power outlet is required. Machines are generally held in stock at the Gymwarehouse UK Warehouse and we can supply and install within a short time-frame. Generally we recommend supply and installation of the machines but if you have a minimal requirement we can ship assembled to keep costs down. The Cardio packages are picked from a selection of Commercial Grade Treadmills, Cross Trainers, Rowers and Bikes.

Complete Gym Packages

Please look below for Complete Commercial Machines Gym Packages. We have brought together our most popular items as pre-selected packages for our customers. Using the examples a quick idea of costs can be estimated for various size gym installations. The Complete Gym packages have all aspects of training included, these being: Cardio, Free Weights, Resistance machines and accessories. Pre – selected Gym Packages from Gym warehouse. Gymwarehouse offers a selection of pre-picked items to form a gym package. Our Gym Bundles include a wide selection of machines which we generally hold in stock in our own UK based warehouse. We have gym bundles for various requirements. For example, we have strength equipment packages which would suit a bodybuilding style gym or gym starter packs to offer a mix of cardio, strength machines and free weight equipment. The discount gym packages offer a saving over individual machine purchases and allow gym owners to quickly select a suitable mix of machines for their requirements. Our low cost gym equipment packages will also give a good starting point if new to the industry. For example, if you need to kit out your holiday park with a gym or a hotel you may wish to consider the cheaper gym starter packs initially while testing demand. For those on a budget the starter packs will allow you to get up and running and then you can build your gym up using additional machines form our stock range as and when finances and space allows. These can be the ideal starting point when considering a new gym. We have fitted numerous gyms from scratch so we have a wide range of knowledge of what makes a good assortment of gym machines for various applications. Why not browse these Complete Gym Packages to find one to suit your needs and we can adjust for specific requirements. Also, if you have seen a gym machine elsewhere and wish to include in your gym pack then please get in touch and we will do our best to source. Please call or email to discuss your requirements where a member of our sales team will be happy to help you.

Police – Fire – NHS – RAF – Emergency Services Gym Equipment

School Gym Equipment

Gym Packages – Strength

Gymwarehouse Strength Machine Packages For Gyms. If you just require a strength package for a bodybuilding gym then look no further. We have omitted the cardio and put some packages together based on the Gymwarehouse commercial ranges. All the equipment is from our heavy duty ranges and there is a selection of packages to meet your requirements and desired spend level. If you want to add additional Stations, weights, plate loaders or selectorised then no problem, just email us and we will put together a custom quote just for you. Please browse our Strength Packages to find out more. We offer a Gymwarehouse Free Weights package, Plate Loading Gym Machines Package and a Resistance Machines Gym Package. Our Free Weights Package includes a variety of benches, stations, power cage together with all the necessary accessories, free weights, dumbbells and barbells required. Our Plate Loading Gym Package includes a large selection of Olympic plates together with a variety of plate loading machines including the leg press, chest press and seated row, amongst others. Our Resistance Machines Package offers a variety of 10 popular resistance machines such as the leg press, shoulder press and lat pulldown, amongst others. Our Resistance Machines Package is the perfect package for a school or a studio set up.

Weights Bundles

Gymwarehouse Bundles of various Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells and further items as a package. We have Small or Large Weight Bundles Packages to meet your requirements and you can always add more to create the ultimate Heavyweight Gym for your Weight Training Requirements. The Weights Bundles are selected from our most popular Gym Items. We offer a Gym Olympic Weights Pack, Large 60 Piece Dumbbell Set, Monster 120 Piece Dumbbell Set, Premium Pro-Bell Urethane Gym Weights Pack and our Pro-Bell Rubber Gym Weights Pack. Our Gym Olympic Weights Package consists of various Olympic plates together with 2 x 7′ Olympic Pressing / Squatting Bar, a Hammer Bar and our Super EZ Bar together with clips. Please browse our Weights Bundles category for more details. No gym is complete without a free weights area. Free weights offer the user the ability to perform a wide variety of exercises. If you are unsure of the exact free weights you require for your gym, our pre-selected Weight Bundles packages offer you the perfect solution to get your gym set up and equipped for your users. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and put together a Weight Bundles package tailored to your needs. Please call our sales team for more information.

Eco Gym Machines – Low Carbon – Exercise Equipment

Boxing and Martial Arts Supplies

Gymwarehouse Gym Boxing Equipment. Whether you have pro or amateur boxers training at your fitness centre, most modern training establishments now recognise the need for a punch bag area in their gym. The use of a heavy bag or speedball offers an excellent cardio workout and on a pure cost basis is one of the cheapest bits of kit you can put in your gym for cardiovascular training. Furthermore most keen boxers will use a bag to further develop their punching technique, skill and power/impact. Bags and speedballs are popular with many users who are not boxers and what’s more it occupies minimum floor space. The same equipment is also ideal for martial arts practitioners and those into their self defence. Many gyms now offer boxercise classes so an increasing number of members have some interest in boxing. With this in mind an increased number of gym users will be expecting the opportunity to undertake some bag work as part of their training programme. Users can maintain interest for a prolonged period by using speedballs and punchbags, (one of the key reasons why many members quit training after a short period). We supply the commercial bags from Adidas to the gyms we fit. Our bags can be used for boxing and many other striking techniques employed by martial arts exponents, (i.e. kicking, elbow strikes.. etc). We also have a selection of gloves, training mitts and speedballs. You will also need a wall bracket for your punch or Kick bag. We keep these in stock along with heavy duty wall mounting fasteners, it’s all here! Our range of gym boxing equipment include the Adidas 4FT Kick/Punch Bag, Adidas 6FT Kick/Punch Bag, Adidas Fitness Kick/Punch FAT Bag, Boxing Gym Training Rig, Boxing / Bag Mitts, Floor to Ceiling Speed Ball and the Punch Bag Bracket.

Gym Cardio Spare Parts and Servicing

Gymwarehouse Cardio Spares. We carry some Spare Parts for Cardio Machines supplied by ourselves. This section includes some commonly required service items/lubricants. For other parts, (i.e. treadmill belts and boards) please contact us and we will quote accordingly. Moreover we keep in stock the commonly requested consumable items that your machines require to keep them in Tip Top condition and so you may undertake regular servicing. Our most requested item is treadmill lube which we recommend applying on a weekly basis to minimize load and wear on your treadmill. We can also supply other cardio spares / parts / items such as wormdrive lubricant to allow your running machine to incline freely and reduce risk of drive failure. Other spares that are frequently sought are replacement Hand Grip Sensors which tend to have a finite life, these are easily changed and we can undertake this as part of a gym service. We can also supply replacement treadmill belts and treadmill boards for our GTC range which we keep in stock. Generally we do not keep bearings on site as these are usually available next day from specialist suppliers once the type and size is identified. For other non stock items you will need to contact us to ascertain price and availability, (i.e. motors, drives, electronic boards and generators). Some of these can be on an extended lead time so it is worth ordering early if you believe you may require in the future. Additionally we can undertake servicing and repair works as required. We can do this on or off site depending on complexity and location. Generally we recommend regular servicing from ourselves so we may identify issues, and where possible repairs may be undertaken at the same time as the service buy it may be necessary to re-visit or take the machine to our workshops.

Gym & Fitness Flooring / Matting

Studio and Gym Flooring Options from Gymwarehouse. We have selected various types of flooring we believe suitable for use in most gyms and studios. These include flooring suitable for free weights areas, Cardio Suites, Selectorised machine strength conditioning areas, Rig flooring, Studio flooring for gym classes and martial arts flooring. When fitting a complete gym we can supply and fit your gym flooring or can supply only for customer to fit. Floorings vary from interlocking PVC tiles for the main gym area to heavy duty hard rubber mats for free weight areas. With both options we can supply ramp edge strips to joint different flooring thicknesses. The PVC will give a robust and attractive finish and is available in various styles, thicknesses and colours. For an awkward or bespoke flooring we can produce stainless steel ramp edge strips to form an interface between the different substrates. Ramp edge strips generally attach to the interlocking flooring or will screw to the floor in the case of a stainless steel ramp edge strip. We also have EVA options, a semi hard matting which can to absorb some impact and reduce damage. We suggest using this in some free weights areas where the owner wishes to reduce dumbbell impact and prolong their life. The hard EVA may be used in conjunction with a hard rubber top surface for the best in absorption and durability. Additionally we can supply a softer grade of EVA matting which is suitable in studio and martial arts areas. These are available in various thicknesses and colours. We supply and fit softer individual matting and roll up mats for Studio areas where floor exercise or martial arts may be conducted. Please browse our Flooring range for more details where you will find everything from Extra Tough Interlocking Matting to Jigsaw Mats.

Gym Maintenance Videos

Gym Special Offers

Occasionally we have manufacturer promotions and Special offers and we will post these in this section of the website.  We can obtain these by virtue of our long established relationship with OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and are usually one of the first international distributors to be able to offer these promotional gym machines.  As a direct from factory supplier we can cut out the middle man and pass the benefits on to our customers.  We buy in bulk so we can get the cheapest prices on gym equipment and offer the best possible value to our customers.  We also on occasions purchase bankruptcy stock from liquidated suppliers and can obtain these goods at remarkable prices.  In this section we list all the best Special Offers available to our customers. These can have HUGE discounts. We also sometimes have grade 2 items which may be shop soiled or have packaging damage which will be advertised at a reduced price than that of the regular retail price.  Some of these items may have trim missing or require some paint touch up so as to look like a new machine.  If items are shop soiled please email for details or better still visit our warehouse to view.  Where product lines change and we have old or discontinued stock we may also place these products in this category.  Warranty and after sales support may vary on old and discontinued lines so please establish this via email/telephone prior to purchase.  Where possible we hold spares for machines that are likely to be needed in the first few years usage.  Usually we should have a selection of discounted gym equipment such as strength machines, discounted treadmills, cheap gym equipment and high value cardio machines in stock.  Please browse this section for more details on items currently available.

Gym Equipment Spares for Strength Machines

Gym Strength Spares. Gymwarehouse keep in stock a variety of gym strength spare parts for our strength machines. We have years of experience in maintaining and servicing gyms and as such have a degree of understanding of the components likely to need replacing as part of a preventative maintenance regime. Some parts that are classed as consumables we will keep in stock can be dispatched direct to gyms, next day if required. Alternatively, we can supply and fit as part of a full gym service should you prefer. These include cables, cable connectors, Bearings, Seat Pads, Slides. We also have parts for machine weight plate upgraded like extended weight pins and additional weight plates for selectorised / pin selected machines. Other commonly requested items are gym equipment pulleys, selector pins, rubber feet, cable ball ends and gym cable terminations. Occasionally gyms will have older machines with redundant/obsolete components. If this is a mechanical part then we can usually source or repair/re-manufacture the original component as required, (we may require the original component sent to our workshops). Alternatively, on occasions, we have custom built replacement parts from scratch if the original component is not available. If you are unsure of servicing requirements we can undertake a complete gym service and put forward recommendations for repair, maintenance and/or replacement.  We can also put together a gym maintenance schedule to help gym owners keep on top of their own maintenance and hence minimize breakdowns and/or call outs.  As part of this we can also generate an essential spares list to keeps stocked spares to a minimum while also reducing the down time experienced by a gym. Generally we like to keep gym strength spares on the shelf if we believe the item is likely to need replacing within the first few years of a strength machines use.

Gym Cable Attachments

Gymwarehouse Gym Cable Attachments/Accessories.  So you have your Crossover or your DAP,(Dual Adjustable Pulley) now you need some cable attachments to allow you to use your Gymwarehouse gym machine. We stock a comprehensive selection of attachments for this purpose along with accessories for other machines, (i.e. Lat Pull Down and Seated Row). Products include Cable Double Handle, Cable Single Arm Handle, Deluxe Swivel EZ Cable Attachment, Deluxe Wide Lat Pull Down Bar, Lat Pull Down Bar, Pro Straight Swivel Bar, Pro Style Lat Bar, Seated Pulley Handle, Single Rope Attachment, Swivel V Bar, Tricep Handle and Tricep Rope.  A different cable attachment can give your gym equipment a complete new functionality so rather than purchase a entirely new machine consider our attachments to give your users more training options.  As well as stirrups for your crossover consider slings, and rotational bars too.  If you have a cable jungle machine with multiple stacks you may also wish to consider our handle rack to give neat storage and easy access for your gym users.   Most of our gym cable attachments are manufactured from Chrome plated Carbon Steel and are easily interchanged using a standard cable clip.  Some attachments will have a knurled finish for grip while others have a rubber coating.  We also can provide slings for cable crossover machines or ankle straps to special order.  If you have a specific requirement, (i.e. a tennis racquet/squash racket style attachment) then email us and we can quote to manufacture a purpose made handle for your gym machine.  Also, we can manufacture fat grip attachments if this is your specific requirement.  Don’t forget your cable clips too, these generally have a finite life so if you are ordering in some cable attachments why not get some spare cables clips and cable at the same time.

Gym / Fitness Studio Equipment

Gymwarehouse supply a selection of gym studio equipment and accessories for your Gym Studio. These include medicine balls and flooring.  We can supply racks to keep your studio tidy and manufacture to suit if required.  Also, why not fit a Tri-Grip bar to your studio, maximum training with minimum space requirements.  The pull up bar is a very cost effective training option and is wall mounted to uses virtually no floor space.  As the name suggest our ‘Tri Grip’ pull up bars have various ways in which they may be used so the individual performing the exercise can target / hit the muscles or groups most desired.  Some gyms will fit 2 pull up bars side by side to encourage group competition. We also sell a variety of wall posters to educate and aid your clientele with their training.  We sell our posters either individually or as in packs for the best value.  Other studio items and / or functional training equipment are available to special order with complete gym fit outs. We have several flooring options suitable for your studio and we have listed these in our flooring section too.  A popular piece of gym studio equipment is our large roll up mats, these are easily removed if the venue is to be used for an alternative group exercise.  we have various options for studio dumbbells and racks.  Our neoprene dumbbells are excellent for classes and can be stored on our mobile rack so conveniently relocated to another location when not in use.  We also can supply smaller static racks for your studio dumbbells along with kettlebell racks and bells.  We also have various indoor circuit bike options depending on your requirements and budget.  Our Keiser bikes feature blutooth connectivity whereas our GTC indoor bikes offer excellent value and a great way to start your indoor bike classes.

Used Gym Equipment – Secondhand Gym Equipment – Ex Display Gym Equipment

Gymwarehouse Used Gym Equipment Stock / Ex Display Gym Machines. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of commercial gym equipment we occasionally clear a gym or part exchange gym equipment. This could be second hand strength equipment used cardio machines or pre-used free weights equipment. In this category we have a selection of used gym equipment. All of our secondhand gym equipment is in good working order, (unless marked otherwise) and we can service prior to purchase if required. We can also refurbish these machines for customers and supply in a colour of their choice. However, our new machines are available at such an aggressive price, (and are some of the best value gym machines available in the UK) that most customers opt to buy new rather than pay for the cost of refurbishment.  At Gymwarehouse we have our own small showroom gym / staff gym where we display, photograph and test new machines. We often change the selection in the gym so usually have a selection of ex display machines in stock. These will have seen very little, (if any at all). We tend to advertise these and sell them on to good customers at a price far less than the recommended Retail Price. We can usually offer a warranty on ex display machines and can discuss this with yourselves if a product is of interest. Find below a list of machines that we currently can offer, if you do not see what you require please call or email, ( and we will check to see if we have anything suitable. We can also advertise machines on behalf of customers should they wish to move them on. If you want to take advantage of this arrangement then please supply us with images and details so we may put on the site.

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