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So you have your Crossover or your DAP,(Dual Adjustable Pulley) now you need some cable attachments to allow you to use your Gymwarehouse gym machine. We stock a comprehensive selection of attachments for this purpose along with accessories for other machines, (i.e. Lat Pull Down and Seated Row). Products include Cable Double Handle, Cable Single Arm Handle, Deluxe Swivel EZ Cable Attachment, Deluxe Wide Lat Pull Down Bar, Lat Pull Down Bar, Pro Straight Swivel Bar, Pro Style Lat Bar, Seated Pulley Handle, Single Rope Attachment, Swivel V Bar, Tricep Handle and Tricep Rope.  A different cable attachment can give your gym equipment a complete new functionality so rather than purchase a entirely new machine consider our attachments to give your users more training options.  As well as stirrups for your crossover consider slings, and rotational bars too.  If you have a cable jungle machine with multiple stacks you may also wish to consider our handle rack to give neat storage and easy access for your gym users.   Most of our gym cable attachments are manufactured from Chrome plated Carbon Steel and are easily interchanged using a standard cable clip.  Some attachments will have a knurled finish for grip while others have a rubber coating.  We also can provide slings for cable crossover machines or ankle straps to special order.  If you have a specific requirement, (i.e. a tennis racquet/squash racket style attachment) then email us and we can quote to manufacture a purpose made handle for your gym machine.  Also, we can manufacture fat grip attachments if this is your specific requirement.  Don’t forget your cable clips too, these generally have a finite life so if you are ordering in some cable attachments why not get some spare cables clips and cable at the same time.

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