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Gymwarehouse can now offer leasing options for your gym equipment installation.

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Gym Equipment Leasing

Finance of gym equipment through a lease mechanism can provide a tax effective and attractive way for business to obtain their capital equipment.  We recognise that for some gyms leasing offers the opportunity to upgrade equipment and maintain good cash flow and tax advantages. We have worked with a long established lease finance provider to offer leasing options on your capital fitness equipment investments.

Having held a consumer credit license for a number of years, (Initially with the ‘Office Of Fair Trading’ and now with the FCA), Gymwarehouse can offer third party gym equipment finance to our customers.  Typically we can provide Gym Equipment Finance, (subject to acceptance) 3 year or 5year finance options through a Lease Finance Scheme.  This is generally by means of a gym equipment lease finance program in conjunction with our partner who specialises in leasing.  Finance for Fitness equipment may be available for new start businesses but will most probably be limited to 3 years.

Sample Leasing Rates For Gym Equipment:

Are you looking to buy or finance Commercial gym machines? Gym Equipment Finance through Third party is also available from Gymwarehouse.  An outline of how this works is as follows*:

  1. Customer prepares a provisional list of Equipment desired to finance.
  2. Gymwarehouse Quotes cash price on the equipment and confirms with customer this is the fitness equipment required for finance.
  3. Gymwarehouse provides quote to Finance company who will contact Customer and go over the lease finance details with customer.
  4. Customer will need to provide certain details to finance company, (i.e. Directors names/addresses, Years Trading, Accounts, Install/delivery address, Assets that finance can be secured against)
  5. If successful the finance company will offer finance based on a given period / fixed duration.
  6. Customer will need to sign paperwork and pay initial instalment.
  7. Gymwarehouse will deliver/install equipment.
  8. Upon completion of contract payments, (typically 3-5 years, or 36-60 monthly repayments) title of goods will pass to customer.

** this is outline of procedure/process only, customer will have full details from finance company and customer should refer to this.


Sample Leasing Rates For Gym Equipment:

Capital Agreement – Equivalent Weekly Cost/Repayment

£2 000 – £11.46

£5 000 – £28.14

£10 000 – £56.28

£20 000 – £110.56

£30 000 – £165.81

£40 000 – £221.08

£50 000 – £276.35

£75 000 – £407.08

£100 000 – £542.77

(based on 5yr lease for established business, subject to acceptance).  These rates are example only and customers are quoted on a case by case basis.

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