6″ Pulley for Cable Machines – £22.95

6″ Pulley for Cable Machines – £22.95


6″ Pulley for Cable Machines

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6″ Pulley for Cable Machines – £22.95

Replacement pulley for Stock Machines.
Nylon Wheel, Ball Bearings, Pacers.
Earlier Stock machines have slightly differing pulleys but should be compatible.
Please contact us if unsure.
Sizing based on approx OD.

N.B. a thicker cable will require to run around a larger diameter pulley wheel as the cable is less tolerant of change of direction.  In most cases you should replace pulley wheels and cables with OEM Specification.

It is always important to check / maintain any equipment and all cable machines will need replacement cable at regular intervals (depending on the amount and intensity of use).

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