Adidas Punch Kick Bag FAT, (Large Diameter) Bag – Black / Brown £129.95 – £169.95

Adidas Punch Kick Bag FAT, (Large Diameter) Bag – Black / Brown £129.95 – £169.95


Adidas Punch Bag / Kick Bag – Gym Quality – Commercial Grade Bag for professional Use

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Awesome Adidas Punch Kick Bag

This is one of the wide selection of bags available from Adidas. These include Kick, Punch, Martial arts and in FAT and thin designs. Also available are jab and cut bags. If unsure of the best option to choose then please refer to the Adidas website directly.

Adidas Kick/Punch FAT (Large Diameter) Bag – Black / Brown £129.95 – £169.95
This Large Adidas Kick / Punch Bag is ideal for taking a kicking!!!
  • Take out your Gym Anger on this BAD Bag
  • Leather look and feel. PU – PolyUrethane
  • Reinforced heavily stitched buckles
  • Gym use quality
  • Two layers of material for extra thickness. Brown version three layers
  • Four part heavy duty welded chains with swivel
  • Zipper opening on top of the bag
  • Filled with textile cuttings.
  • Extra stitching of the seams to prevent ripping
  • Weight: Black 4ft – 51kg / Black 5ft – 67kg / Brown 5ft – 71kg approximately
  • Made in the EU
  • Dimesnions: Black 120cm (4ft) x 40cm diameter / Black & Brown 150cm (5ft) x 40cm diameter
  • FAT BAG pre filled with textile Cuttings

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