Dual Purpose Assisted Chin Dip – £1299.95

Dual Purpose Assisted Chin Dip – £1299.95


Dual Purpose Assisted Chin & Dip

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Dual Purpose Assisted Chin Dip – £1299.95

Assisted Chin and Dip. Either Strengthen back muscles using the pull up operation or arms,(triceps and chest) by dipping on the Dual Assisted Chin & Dip. The assisted chin and dip works in an opposite manner to most machines. By adding more weights to the stack the user actually decreases the intensity of the exercise. Usually a gym user will perform these exercises using their own body weight. The machine facilitates an easier exercise by taking some of the bodyweight load and ‘assisting’ in performing the exercise.

Included in the Gymwarehouse Stock Range of Dual Purpose Machines. Perfect for the gym which is tight on space but wishes to take advantage of our Budget smashing range of discount commercial gym machines. The Dual Purpose range is similar in construction to our usual Stock range. However, each machine is specially designed to allow the user to perform 2 exercises. Using a similar floor space as our Stock machines the Dual Purpose machines dramatically reduces the area required to provide a full range of strength training machines. The range mainly consists of selectorised , (pin selected weight plates) for easy to use strength conditioning. However we have also included a few additional items to the range more associated with free weight training.
General construction is from 100mm x 50mm x 3 mm Steel sections. Generally kept in stock in a Silver powder coat finish and deep red pads, other colours available to special request.
We continually strive to improve and update our product. As such, stocked machines may vary slightly from images on website.


An alternative to the assisted Chin dip station is our standard non assisted version.  This can also be used for leg raise abdominal exercises.

Approximate Assembled Size, 1.5m x 1.4m x 2.4m.

Perfect for working triceps and chest, Back Muscles and Biceps.


N.B.  we have slightly varying styles on this machine. Product supplied may employ Lever Arm rather than Linear bearings and differ slightly from image.


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