Dual Purpose Leg Curl & Leg Extension – £1784.95 – Next Generation

Dual Purpose Leg Curl & Leg Extension – £1784.95 – Next Generation


Dual Purpose Leg Curl & Leg Extension

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Dual Purpose Leg Curl & Leg Extension – £1784.95

Another Leg machine available from the Dual Purpose range is the combined Leg Curl and Leg Ext machine. In the extension configuration the quadriceps are exercised. When set up for lying contraction of the legs then the hamstrings can be strengthened. Again this machine adopts a small footprint to minimise the required area in the gym and various adjustments are available to allow the user to find their most suited position.

The Combined Leg Curl and Leg extension exercise machine is so popular that we have included it on our New Multi User Multigym.

Approximate Assembled Size, 1.7m x 0.9m x 1.62m.
Std Stack = 100Kg

Note. New Next Generation Resistance Machines can be supplied fitted with covers, no covers or custom cover options.

New for 2015, the Gymwarehouse Stock Range of Dual Purpose Machines. Perfect for the gym which is tight on space but wishes to take advantage of our Budget smashing range of discount commercial gym machines. The Dual Purpose range is similar in construction to our usual Stock range. However, each machine is specially designed to allow the user to perform 2 exercises. Using a similar floor space as our Stock machines the Dual Purpose machines dramatically reduces the area required to provide a full range of strength training machines. The range mainly consists of selectorised , (pin selected weight plates) for easy to use strength conditioning. However we have also included a few additional items to the range more associated with free weight training.
General construction is from 100mm x 50mm x 3 mm Steel sections. Generally kept in stock in a Silver powder coat finish and deep red pads, other colours available to special request.
We continually strive to improve and update our product. As such, stocked machines may vary slightly from images on website.

The Dual Purpose Leg Curl & Leg Extension machine is ideal for working / exercising the quadriceps.

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