Emperor Massage Chair – £1249.95

Emperor Massage Chair – £1249.95


Emperor Massage Chair

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Emperor Massage Chair – £1249.95

Emperor Massage Chair – Relax after your workout!!!

Latest top quality massage chair to help you relax at the end of a hard work out. This chair utilises internal sensors to best ascertain body size and shape to offer the best in massage experience. The chair provides mechanical and air massage to tired and stressed areas including calves, legs, thigh, lower/upper back, neck and shoulders.

Combination technology provides simultaneous kneading and oscillations to provide the ultimate massage experience.
• The large fingertip LCD screen makes this a very easy chair to operate and control.
• 4 massage rollers
• Shiatsu finger press, kneading, tapping and combination
• Shoulder width adjustable massage rollers
• Infra-red body scan
• Selection of 8 automatic programmes
• Electronically Adjustable angled back rest and calf shelf
• Music synchronized massage feature with external input.
• Air or Vibration massage to calf, thighs and seat

Key Features:
*Music massage transferring various massage techniques in accordance with different music styles, body and mind relaxed completely*Ultra-static design
* Four massage balls inside the back, kneading, tapping and finger pressing massage with the range from the neck to the waist
*Kneading and tapping massage functioning at the same time
*Air and vibration massage in cushion and thigh position*Air massage in calf position
*Measuring the figure automatically with infrared rays
*Regulating the angle of cushion and calf position separately with electric motor
*Installed inside multi-media player suitable for CD, with HI-FI earphone
*LCD screen
*Five automatic programs, easy and convenient to use
*Length of the foot putting shelf adjustable, stretched, retractable to suit the different figures

Massage Types:
Rolling Massage. This technique is the essence of shiatsu, and it’s a perfect introduction to a massage session.
Personalise the massage with the width and height adjustments and the massage heads will roll over your back muscles creating an excellent calming effect.
Tapping Massage. With this kind of massage, your back will enjoy a stimulating treatment thanks to the tapping action of the massage rollers.
Kneading Massage. On activating this programme, the rollers simulate the hands of a professional masseur to perfection, performing a kneading massage with a host of benefits.
Floating Massage. This massage is based on pulsations of varying intensity controlled by the “Floating” system. It improves the circulation of blood to the muscles and calves.
Floating Massage. This massage is based on pulsations of varying intensity controlled by the “Floating” system. It improves the circulation of blood to the muscles and calves.
Body scan technology. Body scan technology uses infrared sensors to adjust the height and width of the massage so that it corresponds exactly to the most important acupressure points on each user.

Automatic massages:
Anti-stress. By selecting this predefined programme, the pressure of the massage increases as it covers all the points of the back to achieve a de-stressing effect.
Shiatsu. This programme is the most recommended for daily maintenance and muscular recovery.
Relax. This programme is ideal in preparation for a night’s rest. It stimulates the points necessary to remove the sensation of tiredness and achieve perfect relaxation. Using this before going to bed leads to restorative sleep that leaves you feeling better the following day.
Neck & Shoulders. This programme is targeted at the neck area, providing relief to the muscular load and removing accumulated tension in the cervical zone.
Lumbar Area. This programme has been programmed for deep relaxation of the lower back area. It is especially recommended for those persons that spend long periods sitting down.
Leg Relax Massage. This massage programme at medium intensity works on calves and ankles providing a sensation of wellbeing and comfort. This is the automatic leg programme recommended for daily use.
Dorsal Programme. This localised massage on the mid-back area achieves profound muscle relief in the back in just a few minutes. Recommended for those who suffer from back problems due to their daily activities.
Anti-Cellulite Massage. Designed to improve blood circulation in thighs and calves. As a result, a sensation of lightness in legs reduces circulation problems, helping you rest.
N.B. Chair is not rated commercial duty for continuous usage.

Treat yourself to some pampering and relaxation time with this Emperor Massage Chair.

Please call or email for more details on our Emperor Massage Chair.

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