Generic Budget Bike Pedal Straps – £4.95

Generic Budget Bike Pedal Straps – £4.95


Generic Bike Pedal Straps

Held in stock, available for immediate dispatch.

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Bike Pedal Straps

Essential Bit of gym maintenance equipment, why not keep some of these Bike Pedal Straps in stock? Most gym indoor circuit bikes , upright cardio Bikes and Recline/recumbent bikes are fitted with a strap to aid users when exercising. The strap is not designed to hold the foot tight to the pedal but to offer some assistance in preventing the users foot accidentally slipping from the pedal. While not essential most users prefer to utilise these straps. Due to the nature of thie construction and the large forces exerted on the straps they are prone to wear and have a finite life. Our ‘generic’ strap will fit many of the modern exercise cycles and and make for a quick and convenient replacenent to Original Equipment manufactured parts.

These are rubber and designed to fit on pedal lugs.

Please check fitment prior to ordering.

Supplied in a pr, 1 LH and 1 RH of bike pedal straps.

Suitable for various indoor bikes / exercise bikes.

These are considered a consumable and often need replacing so why not keep in a spare pair of exercise bike pedal straps.

Please call or email for more details, where a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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