Extra Large Gym Barbell Rack – £349.95

Extra Large Gym Barbell Rack – £349.95


Special Offer Barbell Rack

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Extra Large Gym Barbell Rack – £349.95

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Extra Large Commercial Grade Extra Large Gym Barbell Rack

If you require an extra large barbell rack this is the one to choose.  Similar to our standard rack this rack is of heavier construction and offers wider bar spacing.  Currently we only have these available in White.

Yes, we have all been to those gyms with weights lying around the floor creating trip hazards.  Not only this but it is unsightly and off-putting to customers.  These Barbell racks offer the perfect solution and will leave your gym looking the part.  The racks offer quick and convenient weight storage and access and being double sided this rack is best located in the centre of a room away from walls.

Essential peice of kit for an established gym.  These Extra Large Gym barbell racks allow you to safely and conveniently store your fixed weight barbells.  Rather than leaving them lying around or dangerously propped against a wall this rack will store in minimum in a horizontal position ready for use.

Construction is from Mild steel fabricated and welded for the most part.  To allow easy installation the horizontal members are bolt on and assembly time is minimal.  The rack is ideal with our 325Kg fixed barbell set, (10Kg bars 10-55Kg).  Rack will take heavier weight if required.

Extra Heavy duty 100mm x 50mm x 3mm construction.
Robust White Powdercoat Finish, (sometimes available in Silver)
Holds up to 10 Barbells, 5 Per Side
Rubber Feet Pads.

Ideal piece of equipment for the gym!

Please note image may vary slightly from product supplied due to ongoing product improvements.

Held in stock for immediate dispatch / delivery.


TIP Having fitted many many gyms please do not bolt racks to the floor until you are 100% sure of the position and they need to be static.


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