Glute Ham Raise GHR – £519.95

Glute Ham Raise GHR – £519.95


Glute Ham Raise – GHR

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Glute Ham Raise (GHR) – £519.95

Gymwarehouse Fitness Equipment – Glute Ham Raise

Commercial Duty Glute Ham Raise arriving in Stock NOW, (Black Pads on Silver).

By popular demand we are bringing back this awesome old Skool Device.  In recent months we have had an exceptional amount of inquiries for this machine so we have now decided to hold in stock.  The Gymwarehouse Glute Ham Raise machine is the same construction as our heavy duty Plate Loaded machines.

Like the Strike range, this machine is built from Heavy 80mm x 40mm section and is a full gym grade piece of Kit.

Our glute-ham raise (GHR) will hit your hamstrings-Glutes, lower back and even brings the Calves into play. A great compound exercise for the back muscles and in a compact package that will not fill your gym. In performing the exercise you will flex the upper leg and extend the hip.
This is not an easy exercise and will require a degree of Strength/Fitness to undertake. It is not for the beginner or the faint hearted. The exercise can offer an alternative to leg curls using your body weight. The GHR forms a substitute for numerous other exercises – or some of your gym members will want it for their regular routine!!!

The MAchine has adjustments for different Size/Shape users.
The machine itself is approx:
0.7m x 1.7m x 1.1m

N.B. Our discount range of Gymwarehouse Fitness Machines are supplied partially assembled for transit, final assembly/finishing is required. We constantly strive to improve design / build so product supplied may vary slightly to image.

Please call or email for more details.


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