Integrated Cable Ball End – £5.95

Integrated Cable Ball End – £5.95


Integrated Cable Bell End

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Integrated Cable Ball End – £5.95


The New Gymwarehouse Integrated Cable ball end forms part of the Gymwarehouse cable solution.  Shown here on its own and as part of the cable solution assembly.

Replacement Integrated Ball end for Cable machines. Holds handle / accessory away from exit point on machine.  Fits over the standard Gymwarehouse Gym cable attachment, (handle end).  These are sized to fit stock gymwarehouse gym cable.  Should you be using non standard cable then a factory adjustment may be required, (please advise when ordering and these can be adapted to suit.

These integrated ball ends prevent/reduce contact of cable attachments with gym machines reducing paint chipping.  They also prevent the cable disappearing back into the outlet when no accessory is attached.  This in turn prevents the cable becoming excessively loose and coming off the pulleys within the machine.  An essential item for your Cable Cross Over and DAP.  Don’t forget to order these along with your replacement gym cable and cable end screw attachments.

Please call for more details as this may not be suitable for cable not purchased from Gymwarehouse.

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