Large Complete Gym Package – £74999.95

Large Complete Gym Package – £74999.95


Large Complete Gym Package

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Large Complete Gym Package – £74999.95

Large Commercial Gym Equipment Package.

This package is intended as a large Initial package for a new gym.  It Offers a selection of Resistance Machines, Weights, Stations, Plate Loaders, Cardio and accessories.  The selection is a comprehensive package and offers discount cost saving over individual items.

Over 300 Items including a multitude of machines, weights and accessories. OVER 3 TONNES OF WEIGHTS!!!

Complete List:

Gymwarehouse Leg Extension
Gymwarehouse Leg Press
Gymwarehouse Lying Leg Curl
Gymwarehouse Standing Calf Raise
Gymwarehouse Adjustable Cable Crossover
Gymwarehouse Lat Pulldown
Gymwarehouse Pec Deck / Posterior Delt
Gymwarehouse Seated Row
Gymwarehouse Shoulder Press
Gymwarehouse Vertical Chest Press
Gywarehouse Triceps Extension
Gymwarehouse Biceps Curl
5′ Budget Olympic Pressing/Squatting Bar (std duty)
5 x 7′ Black Oxide Pressing/Squatting Bar (med duty)
Commercial Olympic Tricep/Hammer Bar
Diamond Shrug Bar
Olympic EZ Super Curl Bar
11 x Olympic Spring Collar/Clips
Pro EZ Curl Bar – Olympic
2.5Kg – 50Kg Dumbbell Set
Gymwarehouse Adjustable Decline Bench
Gymwarehouse Decline Roman Chair
Gymwarehouse Flat Bench
Gymwarehouse Multi Purpose Bench
Gymwarehouse Olympic Anterior Shoulder Bench
Gymwarehouse Olympic Bench
Gymwarehouse Olympic Decline Bench
Gymwarehouse Olympic Incline Bench
Gymwarehouse Super Bench
Gymwarehouse Barbell Rack
2 x Gymwarehouse Dumbbell Rack
Olympic Bar Rack
STRIKE – Plate Tree
Gymwarehouse Back Extension
Gymwarehouse Power Cage / Half Rsck
Gymwarehouse Vertical Knees Up/Dip
Tri Grip Chinning / Pull Up Bar
Auto Adjustable Bench
Smith Machine
Squat Rack
6 x 10Kg Oly Plates
6 x 15Kg Oly Plates
6 x 2.5Kg Oly Plates
6 x 20Kg Oly Plates
6 x 25Kg Oly Plates
6 x 5Kg Oly Plates
1 x 150Kg Pro-Bell Oly Bumper Plate Set
Fixed rubber Barbell Set
T Bar Row
Iso-Lateral Leg Curl
Iso-Lateral Leg Extension
Linear Leg Press
Seated Calf Raise
Iso-Lateral Chest Press
Iso-Lateral Seated Row
Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press
Iso-Lateral Wide Pulldown
2 x GTC Titan Treadmill
2 x GTC Zeus Treadmill
4 x GTC/Impulse 600 Cross Trainer
2 x GTC/Impulse 600 Recline Bike
2 x GTC/Impulse 600 Upright Bike
2 x GTC 600 AquaRow

price excludes delivery/install,  please call/email for quote

This is an ideal package which includes some of the main pieces of equipment to start you off in opening a gym! Provides the gym users with a wide range of equipment to meet their needs.  For further product details , specification and warranty please see the Gym Treadmill Company site:

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