Olympic Discount Trade Plates – £224.95 – Grade 2

Olympic Discount Trade Plates – £224.95 – Grade 2


Olympic Discount Trade Plates

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Olympic Discount Trade Plates – £224.95

Very robust for gym use – Total 157.5Kg

Complete set of Cast Iron plates.

2 x 25Kg
2 x 20Kg
2 x 15Kg
2 x 10Kg
2 x 5Kg
2 x 2.5Kg
2 x 1.25Kg
Plates Supplied c/w ‘Gymwarehouse’ Logo.

This equipment kept in stock, fast delivery!

Why not call today to order some for you gym?!

A great set for those on a budget and those who prefer the look of the cast iron plates.

Please call or email for more details, where a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

N.B. these are not competition plates and are cast volumetrically, weights will deviate slightly.

Please call or email for details.

The classic Cast Iron Olympic plates offer a great option for those concerned with environmental factors too. Extremely durable but basic in design. These Plates have no organic rubber or Polymer coating which may be damaged. Whats more cast plates offer easy end of life recycling.

N.B.  these are last of stock so some packaging has suffered from damp and plates tarnished, (mainly 20’s).  Customer should wipe with damp cloth/oiled wire wool if necessary and wipe off to clean up.

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