Shoulders Poster – £19.95

Shoulders Poster – £19.95


Shoulders Poster

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Shoulders Poster – £19.95

The Shoulders Exercise poster is a fantastic reference point for gym users of all abilities, providing an extensive range of shoulder exercises, training tips and advice.  Should exercises can be simple or complex with loads of options available from Dumbbells and Machines, use this poster to give the inexperienced gym user a starting point.

The chart identifies the everyday benefits of training your shoulders and highlights how weight training can be used with great effect for different goals; from muscle-gain to fat-loss.

Exercises included: Shoulder Presses, Lateral Raises, Front Raises, Shrugs, Upright Rows, Side Rotations, Cuban Rotations. The quality poster is finished in durable laminated paper, and measures 584 mm by 840 mm in size.

A colourful and detailed poster providing users with details on specifics in relation to shoulder exercises and muscle groups.

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