Twin Adjustable Cable Station – £1849.95

Twin Adjustable Cable Station – £1849.95


Adjustable Lightweight Twin Station Gym Cable


Twin Adjustable Cable Station – £1849.95

Gymwarehouse Fitness Equipment – Adjustable Twin Cable

A smaller version of our twin adjustable compact station allowing for a myriad of exercises in a tighter space/environment. Nice variation on Lats Pulls and Rows, works well with a bench. Ideal for Studio or hotel use where space may be at a premium.
The main column is adjustable for Height while each are is independently adjustable so as to provide options for a huge variety of exercises.
The twin rotating handles can be positioned for numerous exercises including:

Biceps Curl
Triceps Extension
Pull Down
Lat Flex
Shoulder Press
Chest Press
Your imagination is the limit………

1.2 x 1.2 x 1.8m
Gross Weight – 145Kg

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