Tyre Rolling Machine / Station – £799.95

Tyre Rolling Machine / Station – £799.95


Tyre Rolling MAchine

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Tyre Rolling Machine / Station / Tyre Flip MAchine – £799.95

Gymwarehouse Fitness Equipment – Tyre Rolling Machine.
Fed up with that old tyre in the gym rolling all over when used? Tyre rolling has become more popular of late as a compound functionally based exercise. However having a large tyre rolling round the gym is not practical and can cause health and safety issues.
The Gymwarehouse tyre Roller is a great replacement. Occupying the minimum area and located in a fraction of the spare required the machine is a great alternative to the traditional tyre. Whats more it negates the issue of having a large piece of rubber rolling around your training facility and causing a hazard.
The machine is designed to be static, user can flip to one side , run round and flip back. Great for personal training.
Mass can be increased by attaching weights to the half tyre.

Size: 1.7 x 0.7 x 0.5 M
Weight 180Kg GW – unloaded Tyreflip.

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