WaterRower A1 with A1 monitor – £849.00

WaterRower A1 with A1 monitor – £849.00


WaterRower A1 (with A1 monitor)

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WaterRower A1 with A1 monitor – £849.00 – Soon to be replaced by the A1 Club with upgraded seat wheels.

Beautiful design, Ergonomic usage and extremely Robust. The US built WaterRower A1 with A1 monitor – Unstained Ash Frame finished in Danish oil and featuring an aluminium monorail design.

It is fitted with the basic A1 Monitor.
Each machine is unstained but hand finished with Danish Oil.
WaterRower… naturally self paced
Rowing, like other common aerobic exercises (such as swimming, running, cycling, skating, etc.) is not a resistance based exercise (see explanation).

When rowing (or exercising aerobically) you simply exercise at your desired intensity and you and your equipment move at a speed proportional to the work you are producing.
Using the WaterRower A1 (with A1 monitor) you may increase your intensity and you move faster, the limit to how fast you can go is you, your physiology, the amount of work you can produce.
And this will be different for all of us.
This is the naturally self paced aspect of rowing and aerobic exercise.
WaterRower … all gain, no pain
Max User Weight 125Kg

The A1 Monitor has been designed as a simpler version of WaterRower’s S4 Monitors.
It has been designed for easy QuickStart of most functions, simply press the OK/on button and away you row.
The A1 Monitor displays intensity in m/s (meters per second), mph (mile per hour), /500m (time per 500 meters), /2km (time per 2 kilometers), watts and Kcalories per hour. It Displays Strokerate, Distance in units of meters, kilometers, miles and total strokes and duration.

The rower is ideal for a low-impact workout. It is a great cardiovascular workout but at the same time it works on building strength as all the major muscles groups are engaged whilst exercising.

Please call or email for more details, where a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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