WaterRower Club with S4 monitor – £1049.00

WaterRower Club with S4 monitor – £1049.00


WaterRower Club with S4 monitor


WaterRower Club with S4 monitor  – £1049.00

Full commercial grade US built Rower. Our Self Generating Rower has zero power consumption and rails are manufactured from sustainable hardwood where forests are managed so growth exceeds removal by 229%

The WaterRower Club is hand crafted in solid Ash and stained for colour.  Same rowing mechanism and display as the M1 but a pleasant wood finish to suit the home environment as well as the gym.  Still full commercial grade.

The WaterRower Club has been designed for High Traffic Areas such as Commercial Gyms, Studios, Rehabilitation Clinics, etc.

Its Black Rails have been styled to prevent scuffing, other wooden components are finished in an attractive rosewood which are more resistant to soiling than the Natural model.

Each machine has been hand finished with Danish Oil and Urethane for protection.

Wood has been chosen due to its marvellous engineering properties, primary amongst these is its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the WaterRower’s quietness and smoothness of use.

Ash, like all woods used in WaterRower construction, is a premium hardwood with incredible longevity and dimensional stability.

For reasons of ecology, all our woods are harvested from replenishable forests.

Max load 500Kg

Self Regulating Resistance

The WaterRower’s patented WaterFlywheel features naturally self regulating resistance.

Rowing and naturally performed aerobic exercise (such as swimming, running, cycling, etc) are not resistance based exercises.

Rowing and naturally performed aerobic exercise relate to the work done to move you (and your equipment) through your medium. Whether it be a boat or swimmer through water or a runner or cyclist through the air.

The only resistance which is present is due to the effect of drag acting on you and your equipment. And importantly, this drag is proportional to the speed at which you move through your medium.

For example, as you row, the work that you do overcomes the effect of drag acting on the boat, allowing the boat to move at a certain speed. As you increase work the amount of drag you can overcome increases and the boat moves faster.

Remember, the boat does not apply resistance to you, you apply work to the boat and it moves at a speed which is equal to the amount of drag you overcome.

The limit to how fast you can row is you, your ability to produce work and overcome drag. And this will differ from individual to individual; young or old, big or small, male or female, fit or unfit.

This is the self regulating resistance nature of the WaterRower and naturally performed aerobic exercise.

Rower supplied with S4 monitor.

The S4 Monitor has been designed with user friendliness in mind.

It has been designed for easy QuickStart of most functions, simply press the on button and away you row.

Delve a little deeper and there are many more advanced functions for the novice through the elite user.

The S4 Monitor displays intensity in m/s (meters per second), mph (mile per hour), /500m (time per 500 meters), /2km (time per 2 kilometers), watts and Kcalories per hour. It Displays Strokerate, Heartrate (with optional heartrate attachment), Distance in units of meters, kilometers, miles and total strokes and duration.

Various other functions also available, (see waterrower site for all details).

The rower is ideal for a low-impact workout. It is a great cardiovascular workout but at the same time it works on building strength as all the major muscles groups are engaged whilst exercising.

Final assembly required.

N.B. Free installation: – We can provide free assembly/installation to all customers throughout Devon.



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