Back Extension – £1299.95

Back Extension – £1299.95


Back Extension – Pin select machine.


Back Extension – £1299.95

Gymwarehouse Fitness Equipment – Back Extension, (design now updated)

Heavy duty selectorised Back Extension machine.

A very effective exercise for the Erector Spinae (lower back muscles).  Multiple adjustments on this machine give a great seating position for ultimate workout.  So many gyms get an ab machine but nothing to balance this out.  This is where the lower back or lumbar machine is useful. Similar exercise to a deadlift but in a convenient seated and selectorised machine.  Not all users are comfortable with free weight dead lifts or hyperextensions  so the Back extension gives a great alternative and also allows load to be adjusted to suit.

Gymwarehouse robust full commercial grade machines at discount Gymwarehouse trade prices. Extreme duty machines as supplied by Lifefitness, Technogym and Precor.

Please see our Pages on ‘Commercial Gym Equipment’, (link on menu at top of page) to get further details on the range of professional gym machines.

Our stock machines available in White/Black Seats, other colours available to special order.

Machine Size 130cm×89cm×135cm
Machine Weight 255Kg

Please call or email for more details.

N.B. Our discount range of Gymwarehouse Fitness Machines are supplied partially assembled for transit, final assembly/finishing is required. We constantly strive to improve design / build so product supplied may vary slightly to image.


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