Plate Loaded Rear Deltoid – £1069.95

Plate Loaded Rear Deltoid – £1069.95


Iso-Lateral Incline Chest Press

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ISO-Lateral Plate Loading Rear Deltoid- £1069.95

‘Strike’ plate loading range offers low maintenance extended duty usage. Construction is from 80mm x 40mm x 3mm box section with 2″ spigots for Olympic plate loading.

While the rear delt machine is not our most popular machine it has always been appreciated by gyms that have purchased it.  Most gyms will invest in the core Chest/Back/Legs plate loaders first and add a rear deltoid machine at a later date when they realise just how great the kit is, (and how popular it is with customers).

Where possible we keep some Iso-Lateral Rear Deltoid in stock at the Gymwarehouse Warehouse, (black seats on Silver/Grey framework). Other colours/packages are available built to order , (in a colour of your choice). Machines are available to view in our showroom.

The ‘Strike’ range is a perfect choice for those requiring a balance between resistance machines and free weights and the Iso-Lateral Rear Deltoid is a popular recent addition.

The extreme duty Iso Lat Shoulder Press is plate loading and function via fulcrums, bearings and pivots. This results in a range which has no cables and is very low maintenance. For those who are used to training with Lifefitness Hammer Strength this is the range to pick. Several of the heavy duty machines in the range are of ISO design offering independent limb exercise.

We constantly strive to upgrade and improve our product so some items may vary slightly from images depending on model and year/series.


The Iso-Lateral Plate Loading Rear Deltoid is the perfect machine for exercising / working the rear Deltoids.

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