Treadmill Belt Alignment Adjustment Instructional Video – Treadmill Belt is at an angle, is not Square / Parallel

Treadmill Belt Alignment Adjustment Instructional Video – Treadmill Belt is at an angle, is not Square / Parallel

Details are given here as to how to bring your treadmill belt into alignment, (parallel to the treadmill)

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Adjusting a Treadmill Running Belt  Alignment – What to do if your treadmill belt is not square/parallel to the Treadmill and is at an angle

Infrequently but occasionally a running belt may come out of alignment and not run parallel to the treadmill.  Although not hard to adjust it is slightly more complicated than adjusting the tracking or tension.  The alignment is controlled by the front roller on the treadmill so requires access to the mechanics.  If unsure please contact us and we can have an engineer attend.  Alternatively, please find below some instructions which will guide you through the process of correcting the alignment.  We have also included a video detailing the procedure on our most popular machine the GTC Titan.
Incline the Treadmill to its maximum angle.
Turn off and unplug the machine.
Remove the front motor housing cover, (there are usually screws on the sides and front).
Identify the front drive roller.
Locate the roller adjuster screw which is on either the left or the right of the roller.
Obtain a suitable Allen Key or Spanner to adjust the Screw.
Determine which way you need to adjust the screw, (If you consider the belt an extension of the roller it should be intuitive which way to wind the screw to bring the belt parallel).
Turn the screw half a turn in the correct direction.
Step back from the machine and run it for a few minutes to see if the alignment is now correct.
Repeat the process until the running belt is square.
Ensure the cover is replace and fastened after the adjustment is completed.
N.B. Never run the treadmill with the housing removed from the machine.
N.B. it can prove confusing if you have not adjusted your treadmill before. Take your time and call us at gymwarehouse if you need to discuss your GTC machine.

Please see video below for further guidance

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