Treadmill Belt Tension Adjustment Instructional Video – Treadmill Belt Slipping

Treadmill Belt Tension Adjustment Instructional Video – Treadmill Belt Slipping

Instructions and video on belt tension. If your treadmill belt is slipping or stopping this video will show you how to remedy the problem. Other videos in the series include tracking, belt alignment, motor drive belt tightening and general maintenance.

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Tensioning a slipping / stopping running belt.

If you are experiencing issues with your treadmill running belt slipping or stopping then this is easily rectified.  The  fault is usually realised when a large or athletic individual is use the treadmill.  The belt will momentarily stop when their foot impacts.  The friction between the belt and the board causes the belt to stop.  In severe cases the belt may remain stationary all the time.  Generally this is caused by the running belt being too loose and will require tightening, (or tensioning).  It could also be a symptom of the drive belt slipping although this is less common.  If the drive belt is slipping then this is usually accompanied by a squeaking noise as the belt slips.  To be sure it may be necessary to remove the motor housing cover and visually inspect the front roller to see if it is turning.  If it is the running belt slipping follow the instructions below to tighten the belt.
Obtain a suitable Allen key which fits the adjustment screws at the rear of the machine.
Insert the Allen Key into the location hole in the end cap and locate the socket head screw inside.
Turn 1/2 turn clockwise
Repeat on the other side of the machine
Test the machine to see if the fault is rectified
Tension further by repeating if necessary
When the treadmill belt no longer slips check the tracking to ensure belt is still central, (refer to our tracking guide if this needs adjusting)
Do not over tighten the belt, this will damage the bearings, roller and belt.
Point to note.  Generally a belt will start slipping, (or become noticeable) when a larger individual is running on the treadmill.  You should set the tension of the belt for the heaviest user.

Please see video below for further guidance

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