Treadmill Running Belt Tension Adjustment Video – Treadmill Belt To Side – Off Centre

Treadmill Running Belt Tension Adjustment Video – Treadmill Belt To Side – Off Centre

Video detailing how to adjust your treadmill belt. This video shows how to bring your belt central if it is tracking to one side. Other videos on the series deal with tension, alignment, motor belt tensioning and general mainenance.

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Treadmill Running Belt Tension Adjustment Video

Adjusting a Treadmill Running Belt  which is tracking to one side – Quick Belt Centralising instructional video

Frequently a treadmill belt will start to track to one side.  This can be because it is new, has moved over time or has been incorrectly adjusted.  It is relatively easy to correct the sideways movement on the belt and we have created the instructions below to help along with a video.  It may also be necessary to adjust the belt tension at the same time along with alignment.  Belt tension and alignment are dealt with in our other videos.
Obtain a suitable Allen key which fits the adjustment screws at the rear of the machine.
Run the treadmill a a high speed, (ensure you keep away from moving parts/pinch points at all times).*
Decide which way you need to move the belt, left or right.
Locate the adjustment hole on the side which you wish to move the belt away from, (i.e if the belt needs to move to the right then find the Left adjustment aperture).
Insert the Allen Key into the hole in the end cap and locate the socket head screw inside.
Slowly turn the Allen Key clockwise until the belt is central, (if the belt move too far then wind back slightly).
Run the machine to see for a few minutes to check the belt stays central.
Check the tension of the belt to ensure it is not to tight or loose, (refer to belt tensioning video).
N.B. adjustment screws can have different thread pitches so a belt adjust will vary from machine to machine.  if you have experience adjusting one machine the next may react differently.  Take your time and start with small adjustments.
* if the belt is contacting the side of the treadmill it may be necessary to adjust the tracking a little before starting the treadmill.

Please watch the Treadmill Running Belt Tension Adjustment Video below for further guidance.

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